Thinking Safe ? Building Strong and Safe Balconies for Your Children

Posted by Diego on January 21st, 2016

Babies are very adventurous. They love to explore the world around them and get their hands on everything. And while they’re adventurous, they also lack the basic knowledge and instincts that would stop them from getting hurt. That’s the reason why you baby-proof your home and make it secure for them. Now, if you have a balcony and iron decks, could that mean a risk for your children? Let’s analyze the risks:


What’s the Risk?


As we mentioned above, babies tend to explore, and balconies can be very tempting. While supervision can keep your baby safe, you can’t keep a watch on them at all times. You might accidentally leave your balcony door open and that can cause a lot of problems. Your baby might slip past the railing, or get stuck and suffocate. However, you can make your balcony safe for your child, in case they slip outside and start to explore. How can you baby-proof them? Here are some tips and suggestions that may help you:

Covering the Railing


If the railings of your balcony and iron decks are wider than 4 inches, you need to find a way to block and secure them. They can be a danger to your child. Attaching a sheet of Plexiglas, plastic, or other such materials can keep your kids safe. There are some parents who make the mistake of covering the railings with cloth. That’s never a good idea. Your child can lift the cloth, after all. You just need to use a hard material. A transparent material like Plexiglas would not only be safe, but also look good.

Railings with Horizontal Bars


If the railings have horizontal bars that your baby can climb, you need to find ways to secure it. Don’t underestimate your child’s ability to climb. If there’s a way to do it, they’ll find it. Again, you can secure your balcony and iron decks’ railing by placing a sheet of Plexiglas or plastic on it. That would ensure that your child has no room to climb.

Prevent your Child from Entering the Balcony


You can prevent your child from entering the balcony in the first place by using a barrier on the entrance. That lowers the risk to your baby’s well-being by a large margin. They’re also very affordable and don’t block the light or view from the balcony and iron decks.

It’s always a good idea to make your home as secure and safe as it can be for your child. That should keep them relatively injury-free. 

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