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Posted by CesarMuler on January 21st, 2016

Many people in Kent and Essex love gardening but they lack either the time or the expertise to do it properly. If you feel stuck, hire a garden watering Kent or Essex specialist as soon as possible. Not only will you avoid making mistakes but will also be happy with the results you will get and at the same time you will get value for your money.

The most prevalent mistake most inexperienced gardeners make is watering too much or too little. Plants that are not receiving enough water will slowly wilt while those that are excessively watered might develop some diseases or attract some bugs. As you look up garden watering Essex or Kent companies online, remember that your goal is to have your plants watered and nurtured professionally.

While watering may seem easy, it requires not only technique but also caution so as to give plants just the right amount of water the require to grow properly. Plants are different and have varied watering requirements. Some like vegetables only an inch of water per week or six gallons per square yard. Also, you need to give consideration to the type of soil your garden has.

If you have loam or clay soil in your garden, an inch of water per week will be fine. On the other hand, those of you who have sandy soil may want to water plants two times a week and ensure that water penetrates at least half an inch into the soil. Any garden watering Kent or Essex expert can attest to these facts. Another tip is to water deep once rather than repeating it many times.  

According to experts, deep watering is the way to go as long as you will not overdo it. Overwatering will make the soil waterlogged and this is bad for the roots as they cannot breathe properly. What is more, excessive watering fills soil pores with water and this interferes with how roots absorb water and mineral salts. When the part that needs watering has germinating seeds, the soil should be kept moist most of the times.

After the seeds have germinated, regular watering might be needed based on whether they require more moisture as they grow bigger.  For instance, plants like tomatoes and egg plants demand more water from their blooming stage until the get harvested. Your pole beans or lima beans will demand more water when they start flowering.

Professional watering preserves not only your time but also water especially when you start applying mulch. Water evaporation gets worse when temperatures rise and this is why mulching is highly recommended. Another thing to do to reduce evaporation of water is to add more organic matter to the soil. A two to four-inch layer of mulch is fine when you do not have to water plants as often as they need to be watered.

In case you love having a beautifully thriving garden but do not want to put on effort, just get assistance from the leading garden watering Essex or Kent organization. There are many companies that claim to provide perfect services but you should take your time to choose one that meets your budget and other requirements.

Whenever you feel like you need gardening assistance, come to our garden watering Kent offices. We can also be found via our Garden watering Essex office and our phone lines are available 24/7.

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