What material to choose for kitchen worktops

Posted by alisonreid29 on January 21st, 2016

Choosing the right materials for kitchen worktops can be a challenging proposition. On one hand, you would want to look at worktops that are most popular and on the other hand, you would want your kitchen worktop to be unique. There are also other considerations for you to make – strength and durability of the material, convenience of the material as a worktop material, maintenance of the worktop material and, of course, the cost element. Here is a brief look at some of the kitchen worktop materials that you can choose from.

Granite kitchen worktops are among the most popular because of their durability and strength. It has a cold surface and is ideal for keen cooks, cooks who love, say, making pastries and so on. Granite worktops are also unique because granite is a natural stone and each slab is different from the other. Granite countertops also need maintenance and you have to careful about stains and scratches.

Marble kitchen worktops add that natural beauty to your kitchen. Marble is a fantastic material and is hugely popular in construction work and the scenario is no different when it comes to kitchen countertops. The surface of marble is silky smooth and you will love working on your marble countertop. However, like granite, marble also needs proper maintenance and caring.

Quartz, unlike granite and marble, is manmade and hence, you have a greater number of options in quartz worktops. Quartz can resist scratches and stains to a great degree and has inbuilt antibacterial protection. But make sure you take proper care of your worktop so that it lasts for years.

Wood kitchen worktops have always been popular because wood gels perfectly with contemporary and classic kitchen designs. Wood is a renewable natural resource and has a lot of strength and durability. Wood is also a safe material for preparing food and this is one of the biggest bonuses of a wooden worktop. And also, you get more variety in wood countertops than any other material.

For the best curves, flowing lines and fluid edges, you should consider Corian or Hi-Macs worktops. These are manmade materials and you get lots of choices and consistent patterns in these countertops. With proper integration and design, a Corian or a Hi-Macs countertop gives you the impression that it is just one piece, when it is not. Because these countertops have no joints or seams, they don’t allow bacteria to breed.

One point to keep in mind is about hiring a professional for installation of countertops. There are many who do their installations, but when you compare their work with the work of a professional, the difference is stark. No matter how expensive your countertop material is, it cannot look at its best when not installed by a professional.

You should go through the online marketplace for the best options in kitchen worktops. Choose from the best worktops available and then have a proper installation done. You will be delighted with the outcome of the finished job.

There are several materials available for kitchen worktops. Choose from the finest materials for worktops and let your kitchen become a fantastic looking room.

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