How to Pick the Right Window Blinds

Posted by johnpreston on January 21st, 2016

Window blinds can be bought online with just a few clicks, but if you want maximum value for your money, it helps to spend some time studying these blinds and know what is out there. Different types of blinds are being manufactured today, but for homeowners the following are the most important.
Venetian Blinds

Wood blinds are in increasing demand, but many still prefer Venetian blinds because of their simplicity and dependability. These consist of vinyl or plastic slats held together by strings. A cord lowers and raises the blinds and a stick turns them accordingly.
Roman Blinds
These are comprised of a sheet made from plastic or another material and it can be raised or lowered to different height levels. A cord is used to lower and raise the blinds, and it is the only way to adjust the amount of light that gets through.
Vertical Blinds

These are made up of wide slats and set on a track. Different styles abound but the basic working principle remains the same: a cord is used to pull the blinds to the left or right and a stick makes adjustments to the light. Owing to the design, vertical blinds are most appropriate for French windows or sliding glass doors.

Honeycomb Blinds
Also known as cellular blinds, these consist of two fabric layers which fold when the blinds are raised. These blinds are notable for their cross sections that form a hexagon shape, hence the honeycomb moniker. Unlike other blinds however, honeycomb blinds just soften the effects of sunlight and don’t eliminate it entirely.

Buying Tips

Stack height is one of the most important factors you have to consider. The stack height refers to the space that the blinds consume when it is folded, and those with a short stack like Venetian and honeycomb are preferable to those with greater heights like Roman blinds, particularly if the window has an attractive view.
Blinds block sunlight, but the amount depends on the type and material. Wooden Venetian and aluminum darken rooms considerably, while honeycomb and Roman blinds only minimize the sunlight getting through.

Whether you’re buying roller shades or blinds, check the size and design. Blinds that are typically mounted on window interiors let more light in along the sides, but they have a cleaner appearance. Blinds that mount on the window block light more effectively but have to be larger than the window. Regardless of the type you buy, measurement is essential.

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