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Posted by CesarMuler on January 21st, 2016

It is always important to water your plants so that they can always look lush and lovely. Like most employed and self-employed people, however, you may want to hire a garden watering system Surrey professional to carry out the watering tasks on your behalf.  The best thing with professionals is that they understand the sort of watering different soils and plants require.

In addition, the benefit to using professional gardeners is that they will only water your garden after inspecting your soil and plants. They are hired to enhance the gardens rather than ruin them. As soon as they arrive, the first thing they do is to check if the soil is damp. If the soil feels damp, they may request to postpone watering until another day. Alternatively, they may choose to continue watering if you have clay soil as it often feels damp when it is indeed dry.

Sandy soil is dry when it feels wet. On the other hand, if they discover that the soil is dry they are likely to irrigate it depending on the sort of plants you have. It is good to water your garden when summer comes as the heat doubles, soaking up all the moisture the soil has.  The best thing is to water your soil as often as possible to ensure there is no deficit. If you cannot keep up, call a garden watering Kent company to assist you.

During drought you should do deep watering to encourage formation of deep roots. Light watering will mostly cause surface roots to form and these are likely to get ruined by drought. A single watering session at the crack of dawn or late in the evening is encouraged when you have weaker plants. Watering during in these two moments of the day will prevent excessive water loss through evaporation.

Light sandy soils may need regular watering than heavier soils do and your garden watering system Surrey expert can help with that. If you choose to, you could water your soil a little more in the morning and evening or when your schedule is due. Clay soil soaks water slowly and that means that you could skip a day and still protect your plants.  But you need to water deeply because clay soil’s tight particles need to hold more water between them.  In short, you might have to give your clay soil up to seventeen and a half gallons of water per ten square feet. An area of similar size yet having sandy soil requires around twelve-point-two gallons of water.

A good professional might advise you to apply water to the plant base rather than water the plant leaves or irrigate all around it. This is a great technique to use when you want to conserve water. Irrigating an area of ten square feet in this manner might require twenty-four litres or five-point-two litres per week or ten days.  Use sprinklers if you have no problem using a lot of water but these are even more useful when you want to increase the level of moisture in unplanted areas.

Automatic irrigation systems save time and labour when compared to garden hoses and watering cans but they can be a bit more expensive to put up. However, if you are willing to choose a reputable garden watering Kent specialist, they are likely to give you a great discount with regards to installation of automatic irrigation systems.

When there is nothing you can do to afford time for garden maintenance, call our garden watering Kent offices today. We are available to assist everyone through our garden watering system Surrey experts as well. Simply get in touch with our customer care representative now.


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