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Posted by futurebrands39 on January 22nd, 2016

The consumer insightcan be described as the intersection between the consumer’s interest and the various features of any brand. Its key purpose is about understanding that helps a marketer to know why the consumers specifically cares or like any particular brand along with the underlying moods, mindsets, aspirations, desires and motivate of the consumer for triggering their actions and attitude.

Marketers work with the believe that they are very good at understanding theconsumer insight. The marketers study the purchase intents, thought about the brand and the aspiration of the consumers. They also speak about the consumer’s concerns and emotions and after analyzing the economical and environmental factors, marketers decide how all these factors are going to affect their product of service.

However, despite of all these factors they somewhere forget to give attention to the most vital factor that actually helps the consumer to buy the product and i.e. the brain. Of course, marketers do ask questions, but the conclusion that they make is mostly based on the superficial understanding. Actually, most of the consumer researchers are uncertain as it is entirely based on the rationalization of the consumer’s decision, instead of subconscious force.

consumer insights

It is also very vital to do a business in any particular country, one need to understand the consumer insight of that country. If we speak about doing or starting a business in India, it becomes very significant to understand the Indian customer behavior towards the product or the service.

The Indian customers are also rising with the market trend, tastes, preferences and lifestyles. The advent of the organized retailing multiplexes and malls has transformed the habit of purchasing and shopping of the Indian customers. The rich as well as the upper middle class of the Indian customers is preferably getting more brand conscious and this is the reason why their decision of shopping or purchasing are influencing the market to a great extent in terms of pride and vanity.

As per one interesting fact, more than 50% population of India belongs to the age group of teenagers or the young people and furthermore majority of them are well educated too. This generation, which is growing in a post liberalization period are much more adaptive and receptive towards the changes in their lifestyle. For more information about consumer insights visit:

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