The application and development of fiberglass

Posted by zccyfiberglass on January 22nd, 2016

Glass fiber is beginning to produce from the 1940s. After World War II, fiberglass chopped strand mat,glass fiber products has been greatly developed and applied. This period can be called the first stage of the development of glass fiber products.

With the development of industry in 1960s, changing the glass composition, studying the high strength, high modulus glass fibers. Glass fiber products to a new stage of development, it can be called the second stage of development of glass fiber products.

After 1970s, a variety of enhanced applications for sizing, making enhanced glass fiber products to obtain a large development in the composite material, which greatly promoted the development of the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic products. We can call it the third stage of development of glass fiber products.

China glass fiber industry began in 1958, the production of glass fiber used in the production of frp, which has been 50 years of history. 50 years in the glass fiber industry, we organized a number of technical research and the introduction of foreign technology. Through the joint efforts of the entire industry, there is a certain level of technology to improve. Has used a perforated drain plate, Chiyaolasi, large diameter fiber, the new coupling agent, pre-treatment process, the glass fiber chopped strand mat, surface mat, stitch mat, woven fabrics and other new technology, new technology, so that our glass fiber products is a big step forward, gradually approaching the level of developed countries in the world, has become the subject of reinforced materials industry.

Glass fiber twisted fiberglass rope, can be called a "king of the rope", a finger as thick fiberglass rope, actually be able to lift a loaded cargo truck! Because fiberglass rope not afraid to seawater corrosion, not born rust, so it suitable to used as mooring ropes, crane sling. Although synthetic fiber ropes is good, but it will melt at high temperatures, and fiberglass rope was not afraid, therefore, ambulance use fiberglass rope is very security.

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