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Know about Trade Bar Store Revolution & Trade Bar Cap on Neverwinter Xbox

Posted by goldsafe21 on January 22nd, 2016

Similar to the Trade Bar Store revolution on PC neverwinter in November of last year, the Xbox version will get Trade Bar reworked when Underdark comes on February 9. Apart from Trade Bar Store function, such as providing rare artifacts, epic mounts and more, you should know the cap of Trade Bar on Neverwinter Xbox in case there is unnecessary waste. Follow safewow to get more details.

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Trade Bar Store Revolution on Neverwinter Xbox

The long-ignored lockbox currency, trade bar, will receive an overhaul starting with Underdark. Generally, the revolutions can be summarized into two parts:
Firstly, there will be more items added to the store, including the Epic mounts and the upcoming new mounts, uncommon versions of companions and artifacts from lockboxes, as well as all fashion and dyes, lesser health stones and scrolls of mass life that come from Zen Market. Note that those items will be available in both the Trade Bar Store and the Zen Market when Underdark releases. However, after a month, you will be only able to buy them in their new home, the trade bar store.
Secondly, there will be big prices reduction of the existing items when they are moved to the Trade Bar Store. For example, the price of Coalescent wards will decrease from 200 trade bars to 75, while 5x Pack of Preservation Wards are now sold for 5 trade bars rather than the original 200. What does it mean? As far as safewow is concerned, it will lead to a low ZAX because buying enchanted keys won’t be an occasional gamble any more, but a useful source of income. As a result, you just don’t need so many astral diamond neverwinter xbox for the Zen you need.

The Trade Bar Cap on Xbox version of Neverwinter

As Cryptic has implemented the revolution for PC, most of xbox players might have got the news that Trade bars tend to be more useful in mod 8 and have been saving them for a long time in anticipation for the trade bar rework on Xbox version of Neverwinter. However, to avoid unnecessary waste, you should know what is the cap.
Generally, according to pc players with firsthand knowledge, there would be 2 caps in mod 8, a per-character cap that set as 10000, and a shared (bank) cap of unknown size. however, though we don’t know the shared cap, it was confirmed that you would get all the trade bars with the launch of mod8 across an account wide stash if you have like 40,000 trade bars, but you couldn't earn anymore until you dip under the new cap.

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