Garden Watering Essex and Kent companies sell different valves

Posted by juanoliv3 on January 22nd, 2016

Whether you have an automatic watering system or any other, there are components that every sophisticated system contains. It is great to know all of these components so that you can repair and maintain your system easily. If you need any advice, suggestions or tips, choose one of the most reputable and trustworthy garden watering Essex or Kent professional.

As hinted above, there are particular components that almost every sophisticated garden or landscape irrigation system will have. One of these is a valve and there are a number of types existing. An emergency shut-off valve is usually installed at a place that is near a water tap near the irrigation system. Having an emergency shut-off valve is a good thing because  it can prevent you from having to turn off the water to the entire home when you are about to work on the irrigation valves.

The most prevalent breed of this valve is the gate valve. Though very cheap, the gate valve is useless as it gets faulty quickly.  So instead of buying it, request your best garden watering Essex seller to sell you a ball valve or a disk valve. The latter would be preferred when the required shut off valve must be over three inches big.  There is also the option to use the butterfly valve when you need a big shut off valve. The latter valves are costlier but more effective and dependable than the gate valve.  

Do not consider the higher price, therefore, because your costlier valve will last longer. But there is a wedge gate valve which is sold at a higher price than either the normal gate valve or the ball valve. This one is a bit more expensive because it is more dependable.  Other common types of valves sold by most automatic watering system Kent companies are for controlling irrigation. These values are specifically designed for turning on and turning off the sprinkler systems.

They could be used for drip irrigation system as well but mostly they are for sprinklers. No wonder they are called sprinkler valves and other times just irrigation or solenoid valves. A good example is the angle valve, alternatively called globe valve, which is sold in any size and mainly designed for underground installation in a vault. This valve does not have a backflow preventer though, and if you don’t add one to the system you could end up with contaminated drinking water.

A globe valve is best selected for sprinkler watering systems. Next there is the anti-siphon valve, which is usually three quarter to one inch large. It is a domestic use valve that comes with a backflow preventer and the best choice if you want to save money. Now what is left to do is to look for an automatic watering system Kent enterprise that can assist you.

If you want to get different valves for your garden irrigation system, come to our automatic watering system Kent shop and order some. We are always keen to advise our customers even at our garden watering Essex shop. Feel free to explore our website too, to discover our other watering services.


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