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Protect Your Windows with Sun Control Films

Posted by windowtintingatlanta on January 22nd, 2016

With the summer approaching fast this season in Georgia, what could be worse than sun piercing through our windows? It is nearly annoying while you’re driving and are distracted by the sun rays on your face and eyes. Similarly, it is distracting while working in the office or even when at home.

To protect the people of Alpharetta, Atlanta, and other cities, a trend that has been observed is; window tinting and sun control window film. Both residential and commercial window tinting in Atlanta and other cities of Georgia has been a common practice among the residents.

Windows tinting is important because of the sun:

  1. It is not good for the skin

  2. It destroys valuable furnishing in homes or offices

  3. Also, it reflects the light on the window frame while driving, which can result in accidents

  4. It creates a computer glare while working which makes it harder to concentrate

  5. It also contains harmful UV rays which on direct exposure causes health issues

Solar window films

An innovative and energy saving concept of solar window films have become a rage in the market. In both commercial and home window tinting in Alpharetta GA, solar films are being used. This protects the people by blocking 99% of the UV rays and stores the solar energy which can be used later. This concept has also been adapted for commercial window tinting in Atlanta. There is more to it than just energy saving.

Listed below are some of the advantages of Window tinting in cars:

  1. Increased comfort: Tinting protects from the excessive heat which lessens the pressure on air conditioners, saving more fuel and reducing costs.


  1. Blocks UV rays: UV rays are the prime cause of skin cancer and skin aging, and tinting helps avoid that. Also, excessive UV and sun rays in combination can deteriorate the body of the car over time and make it look old and withered.


  1. Safety: In the case of an accident, if the window glasses break, the sun control window film can hold up the broken glass protecting your family and passengers.



  1. Security: With the tints, people won’t be able to see through the window and this is beneficial against thieves. Also tinted window films hold the glass if and when someone tries to break in.


  1. Glare Reduction: As discussed above, it also helps to reduce glare on the front window pane which makes it easier for the drivers to concentrate and drive.


  1. Gives a better look: And lastly, it most definitely adds the cool factor to your vehicle.

Evert individual who owns a car or a house must opt for this wondrous tinting option. The sun control window film in Alpharetta GA and other parts of Georgia have been successful in adding value, safety, style and coolness in their lives.



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