Comparing Sash Windows Battersea to Other Types of Windows

Posted by katebrandon250 on January 23rd, 2016

When it comes to deciding on the appearance of a home, no home owner would like to compromise on aspects like aesthetics, appeal, functionality and maintenance. Add to this list another factor namely eco friendly and your choices as regards material are considerably narrowed down. There are very few options that would meet all the criteria and sash windows emerge as one of them. Consulting any sash windows Battersea or sash windows Wimbledon contractor will enable you to compare this style with other options in the niche so that you are able to make an educated and informed decision.

Installation is the first aspect with regards to windows and in this respect sash windows Battersea contractors would assure you that these windows are the easiest to install. While PVC windows are flimsy enough to sustain damage in case of the slightest twisting, falling or mishandling, sash windows remain unaffected owing to being made of wood. Likewise, metal windows might score well in terms of durability during installation but they lose out in terms of exposure to weather elements. Over exposure to rain or moisture may cause the onset of rust which will not just render the feature unsightly but also have an adverse impact on health.

Measured against metal or plastic, sash windows score the most in terms of appearance owing to the rustic nature of wood. Given that sash windows Wimbledon contractors usually use timber to construct and fix these windows, the aristocratic touch to the interior décor is unmistakable. So when you opt for wooden sash windows over PVC or metal frames, your décor gets a major boost and the value of your property is likely to rise by several notches owing to the high value attributed to wooden features in the real estate market. Therefore, as a home owner, you stand to accrue dual benefits of having an elegant home which has a good resale value.

Budget plays an important role while comparing items and there are two aspects that need to be borne in mind as regards expenditure. First is the price that you pay for the home improvement feature while purchasing it and second is the replacement cost that stems from usage. Experienced sash windows Battersea contractors are probably the best placed professionals in this field to point out that while these retro style windows are higher placed on the price spectrum, they still work out to be cheaper in the long run. This is because they are not as fragile as their plastic or metal counterparts and hence do not warrant frequent repairs or replacement.

Ultimately, it is comfort that defines a home and whatever material is used should enhance the comfort level of residents of the house. Once again it is the sash windows which score above plastics and metals because they allow ventilation, are strong enough to afford protection against intruders and natural elements and do not require frequent maintenance. On asking an established sash windows Wimbledon firm for recommendation, you will learn that sash windows could be double-hung or single-hung and that both types are suitable for being applied to any kind of home – old, medieval or modern.

On comparing sash windows Wimbledon with other types of windows like plastic and metal, it would turn out that these have a distinct advantage. In addition to the functional aspects, sash windows Battersea also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home no matter what the style of construction might be.

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