Guide to Wholesale Garden Pots

Posted by kamal on January 23rd, 2016

Buying wholesale garden pots is no longer as difficult as it used to be as there are more types of plant and flower containers available now than before. That being said, you might find all the choices overwhelming, so here’s a guide on how to choose the best container.

Size is Important

Glazed pottery are sold in different sizes, shapes and styles, but the most important element here is the size. You don’t want to use a container that’s too small, and at the same time you have to account for the style of your garden: whether it’s eclectic or uniform, the size and design of the container makes a huge difference and will affect the overall look.

The larger the plant the larger the pot required obviously, but there’s nothing wrong with using a large pot, and it makes sense if you want to put substantial amounts of soil in the pot. Generally speaking the bigger the pot the healthier soil is because it can contain more water. Even so your plants should do fine provided you water them regularly.

Types of Containers

Terra cotta containers come in different types of colors, styles and sizes. The glazed types come in shades of blue or red, and you can also go with one that has a natural look or finish, i.e., rusty looking. Generally speaking terra cotta pottery are good for plants as their porous material enables oxygen to flow. As you may have guessed, the presence of oxygen plays a huge role in helping plants and flowers grow.

Wood containers have their own attractions, not the least of which is being frost proof. Wood containers also gives your garden a rustic appearance, and the wood container also functions as a plant root insulator, making it easier for plants and flowers to take in the nutrients and grow. Apart from terra cotta and wood, there are also stone and plastic containers available that you can choose from.

If this is your first time to buy wholesale potterythere are several things you need to keep in mind. Quality is an absolute must so don’t settle for an unknown brand or supplier. If you are buying only a few containers, think of how they will look in your garden and how they’ll suit your plants. It also won’t hurt to read reviews of flower and plant containers and get recommendations from friends which one to get.

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