Why Choose Predictive Dialer in Call Center ?

Posted by Avyukta Intellicall on January 23rd, 2016

 Why choose predictive dialer ? This may seem like an overtly simple question – especially for those well versed in the call center or the outbound sales space – but for those of us who are a bit novice, an explanatory overview breaking down the technology is always welcome and helpful.

  • There is a computer (dialer-server) which has a list of approaching customers.
  • Now the dialer dials to those people one by one, and if they receive call, it is transferred to the agent who is free.
  • There is a fixed algorithm based on which dialer server determines, at what frequency the server should dial out the numbers.
  • So that customers don’t have to wait and Users are not free, or sitting idle
  • The agent is already online (always), receives the call directly, remember he does not hear the ring, when he receives the call, the customer is already live on other side.

The Predictive Dialer software then automate the task of dialing all these numbers in sequence. When the calls are answered by a person, the dialer immediately connects that call with one of the free call center agents, who can then speak to the person.

The benefit that accrues from this is that the call center agents can spend their maximum time speaking to customers rather than trying to connect calls to the next number on the list. What this means is that more calls can be made by the agents in the same amount of time resulting in a overall boost in the call center productivity

Predictive dialers not only maximize talk time, they also reduce the amount of time agents spend idle between live calls. A world-class predictive dialer system will leverage an advanced algorithm able of predicting when an agent will complete their current call, and be ready to take another call, with the highest degree of accuracy. Dialing speeds are then intelligently adjusted to minimize idle time, and ensure that each agent conducts as many live interactions as possible.

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