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Storms Can Easily Leave Your Basement Flooded - A Few Preventive Measures

Posted by paporidesouza on January 25th, 2016

The last thing you want in the wake of a storm is a flooded basement. A basement filled with water is highly undesirable as not only it weakens the foundation of the structure, but also leaves behind a whole month’s worth of cleaning tasks. Add to this, the risk of getting ruined several household items. All in all, it is extremely crucial to take a few preventive measures in advance to make sure your basement stays sans water. Here are a few tips in this regard.

Clean the Gutter First
A clogged gutter is certainly the mother of all evils. Leaking downspouts pave the way for water to the basement that in turns results in a flood. Thereby, it is crucial to ensure gutters are always free from debris, dirt and leaves. Make it a habit of regularly inspecting the gutter and see if the inlet and outlet is clogged. If you find any leaks, always make a point of getting them repaired immediately.

Seal the Leaks in the Foundation
Cracks in the foundation are among one of the biggest reasons why basement floods during storms. It is important to repair the leaks, as soon as you spot them. The best way here is to get the basement waterproofed with help from professionals. However, you may also consider using best black mold solutions in Wayne that will ensure the basement is sealed and there is no point of entry for the water.

Prefer French Drains
If your house is characterized by a poor drainage system, you must place a French drain to ensure water conducts away from the house. Dig the foundation upto a depth of 1 foot and place a ceramic pipe or broken tile at the bottom. Fill the ditch afterwards with mud. This will ensure water moves away from the building.

The last thing you need is certainly being in high spirits and cautious. Storms are traditionally unforeseeable; therefore, it’s on your part to ensure your house stays non-flooded in these situations. Besides this, you can always get into touch with a professional to know more about how you can prevent your basement from getting flooded.

Author’s Bio: The author is in construction business and is also a frequent web writer. In this post, he explains a few tips on how to protect your basement from getting flooded.

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