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Posted by goldsafe21 on January 25th, 2016

Just within a week since Blade & Soul released in west, the second round of new servers will be added since all servers, including recently added six servers are full. Totally 4 new servers are coming, including 2 for North America and 2 for Europeare. We’ve never see a game that full of fans in such a short period, so what make the game so popular, refreshing pvp, cross server, or others? See the unique features of blade and soul from, and buy cheap Blade & Soul Gold to join the masses!

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Four new servers are coming to Blade & Soul

Two days after the western release of Blade and Soul opened to the public, players got six new servers since the original 22 servers had been full of fans. However, though the newly added servers greatly help to ease the overcrowded servers and shorten the queue times, they were crowded immediately. When the queues grow and demand on the game continue, the NCSoft team announced on last Saturday that they will deploy four Blade & Soul new servers, and reserve new hardware proactively in case more are required.
Unique features that make Blade& Soul popular

Personally, it is the unique feature of Blade & Soul that makes it so popular and outstanding from other mmo games. The game is polished with solid story and refreshing combat. But don’t get me wrong here. Blade & Soul is not like SWTOR when it comes to story, but as an anime MMO, it is the best one that perfectly presents a story through cutscenes. And its’ skill-based combat makes the most intense 1V1 fighting that many players haven’t ever experienced in an MMO.
I'm not really an anime fan but who don't like watching a cheesy martial arts movie? Not to mention that there is a cross server dungeon lobby, as well as quick and easy grouping contents. For those who haven’t tried, Blade & Soul allows you finding groups, making friends, chatting and planning for multiple dungeons by joining the Cross Server dungeon lobby. Besides, there is a ton of group content that is easy to find across all the servers, which is something that so few MMOs seem to do right.

There is no clue if the game has any long term staying power but for now it's great fun going through the theme park ride considering all unique features above. Will you join in Blade & Soul new servers? No matter which server you and your friends play, you can run some dungeons or PvP with each other. Try it now with cheap Blade & Soul Gold for sale on!

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