Breast Implant Revision: What Are The Reasons To Have It

Posted by SgImplant on January 25th, 2016

Breast enlargement surgery in Singapore are so popular that it no longer takes to be surgeon to identify whether a lady has the real or fake breasts. There are so many celebrities admitting to having some boob job done, while others just want to remain mum about it. But the real issue comes in when something goes wrong, which ultimately leads to these breast implants removed.

Breast implant removal is sometimes followed by replacement while others just have it gotten rid of. There are several cases of breast implant removal even more so this year with the controversy on PIP implants.
One common reason why implants are removed and then replaced is due to leakage and ruptures. This can either be from trauma, the implant's natural wear and tear, or simply defective products.

In this case, particularly with silicone implants, detection can takes a long time and oftentimes would need a MRI scan. Sometimes removal is made in order when the person is already manifesting or experiencing untoward reactions.

The leakage that can occurs in both silicone and saline implants which cause a deflation of the breast. This is not aesthetically appealing, especially when it becomes lopsided; therefore it needs immediate removal and replacement.

Breast tissue atrophy or the shrinking of your breast tissues can also create an asymmetric shape. Sometimes this would need removal, while sometimes it would just need reconstruction.

Capsular contracture is also one of the most common complains by women having issues with their implants. This occurs when the scar tissue that develops around the implant tightens and squeezes it which can be very uncomfortable. To relieve this problem, breast implant removal should be done.
Another problem that has alarmed some women pushing them to decide to have their implants removed is calcifications around the breast. This can be in the form of hard lumps which can be felt under skin, and sometimes it can be mistaken for cancer.

Sometimes the mere sensation of pain on the nipple or breast area can be a reason for breast implant removal.

The extrusion of the implant due to skin breakdown can also be cause for its removal because of the poor aesthetic effect that it creates.
A more serious problem that needs immediate removal of the implants are infection. Symptoms would include redness, swelling, and pain. This can be caused by contaminated wounds or poor sterility during surgery. If the infection is not responsive to antibiotics, the implants should have to be removed.

Sometimes there are just some things that are beyond anyone's control, such as aging. This can cause ptosis or breast sagging due to the loss of elasticity of your skin. Pregnancy and weight loss can also create the same effect. So in this case breast implant removal can be done and then replaced, or the surgeon can just do some reconstruction.

For those patients who are simply unsatisfied with their implants request to have the current one removed and replaced with a more suiting shape, size and angulation.

Defective implants can also lead to the same fate, such as what we mentioned earlier on PIP implants. These poor quality implants are made out of industrial-grade material which can be toxic to your body. Which is why this led the health department of several countries to order this implants removed.

Breast implants in Singapore, or anywhere in the world are also regulated to ensure that they approved to be safe. But you also have to choose a highly skilled surgeon to ensure that you get the right service that will not leave you unsatisfied.

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