Advantages of Fiberglass Fish Farming Tank.

Posted by zccyfiberglass on January 26th, 2016

Fiberglass Fish Farming Tank is popular in fish farming. Bellows are advantages for your reference.


1.FRP tanks have the characteristic of plasticity, can easily installed the inlet and outlet and overflow outlet at the top or the bottom. They are less cracking in cold and severe weather.


2.Light weight, easy to move. For certain seasonal fish species, the frp hatchery tank is more convenient to changing the water and cleaning the inside. Meanwhile, the fish hatchery tank can also be used to transport the fresh water food or seafood. High impact strength, and loading and unloading very easy.


3.Fiberglass tank is produced by the American standard resin, non-toxic and no precipitation. This resin is without any cytotoxicity effects.


4.Fiberglass material has good thermal insulation effect. When installed to fish farms in the cold winter, it will reduce the energy consumption which required for warming.


5.Fiberglass Fish Farming Tank inherited the higher strength characteristic of plastic fish tank. Moreover, because of the characteristics of composite technology, it can be customized into different shapes. General the fiberglass aquaculture tank designed round type according to the pressure of the physical properties. There is intake pipe outlet in the center and the bottom which designed to pot shape. When used in fish farming, the inlet could design into whirlpool, so that the suspended solids will be concentrated in the tank’s pot shape bottom and whirlpool. The water filtration equipment will take bottom water first and filtering the suspensions maximized.


6.Compared with the traditional fish tank, fiberglass fish farming tank has little pollution to the water, and convenient to drainage, cleaning, disinfection, easily to move. It is more conducive to the growth of fish, could significantly increase the survival rate of fish.


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