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Posted by hw on June 28th, 2021

With the continuous improvement of my country's automation level, industrial automation manufacturers in all walks of life have also increased in the demand of the instrument. The most representative of which is the electromagnetic flowmeter, and the professional electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers have also become the retrieval of everyone. Different electromagnetic flow meters offlow gauges will have or small differences, then how do you judge whether an electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for you?

To understand the electromagnetic flowmeter, you must first understand its measurement principle. The working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the flange first electromagnetic induction principle, a pair of detecting electrodes are mounted on the tube wall that wants vertical with the measuring tube axis and the magnetine, and when the conductive liquid moves along the axis of the measuring tube, the conductive liquid cutting magnetic line generation Induction potential, this sensing potential is detected by two detection electrodes, and the value size is proportional to the flow rate. The sensor transmits the inductive electromotive force as a flow signal, transmitted to the converter, magnificent, transform filtering, etc., showing the instantaneous flow and accumulation flow with a backlight.

According to the working principle of the electromagnetic flow meter, the fluid that can be measured by the electromagnetic flow meter must be electrically conductive, strictly said in addition to the high temperature fluid, only any fluid greater than 20 sus / cm can select the corresponding electromagnetic flow. The meter is measured, as the non-conductive gas, steam, oil, acetone, etc., can not use electromagnetic flow meters to measure flow.

During the industrial process, large-diameter instruments are used to apply to water supply and drainage projects. Small and medium-sized calibers are often used in solid-liquid double phase such as high requirements venues, such as measuring papermaking industrial pulp and black liquor, tie slide, coal paste, coal paste, chemical industry, coal-coating plant, and steel industrial blast furnace Cooling water control and leakage, flow measurement and control of hydraulic delivery of pipeline coal. Small caliber, tiny caliber is often used in places with hygiene requirements such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and bioengineering. Electromagnetic flow meters can be used in the above occasions.

The lining material of the electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used by rubber lining and tipflurane, and the rubber lining is mainly suitable for abrasion resistance, and the rubber lining is mainly neoprene and polyurethane rubber, and polyurethane rubber is a medium, tetrafluoro, which is suitable for strong wear. The lining is mainly suitable for corrosion-resistant media, and the tetrafluoro substrate is mainly polytetrafluoroethylene and polyfluoroethylene propylene, and the material of polytetrafluoropropylene is suitable for strong wear-impedance media. 

When you have a certain understanding of the electromagnetic flowmeter, you will naturally choose the electromagnetic flowmeter suitable for you through your own judgment. By measuring the flow range, the pipe diameter, whether it is necessary to choose a professional electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer such as anti-corrosion materials. If you have doubts about this, everyone may wish to go to the automation meter manufacturer to try to consult, Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electromagnetic flow meters. This is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electromagnetic flow meters, and there is a professional technical engineer to provide selection guidance for everyone. 

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