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Posted by engagenz on January 27th, 2016

The world has started acknowledging that no matter how much marketing is performed through online platform, no matter how much media marketing is prompted, open air marketing or field promotion has its own incredible value and if performed properly then field promotion can boost productivity hundred times better than any other marketing alternative. Change is the law of nature and none can evade this law, so primitive field marketing has undergone transformation as well. Today flyers and banners are not the only equipment marketing agencies focus on, rather the focus is shifted on Promo Girls who are directly liable to capture attention and involve customers, forming an experience which in future goad them to buy products. Sounds interesting aren’t it, but the process is too much challenging and too much hectic. Engagement marketing is addressed with many names such as experiential marketing, live marketing, and on-ground marketing. This engagement marketing strategy entices customers, invite them to try out products and take part in evolution of a brand. Number of companies tries out engagement marketing as the face of marketing has changed a lot. Way of interaction with individuals is subjected to regular transformation. Today sampling Staff will be triggering query in your mind and when you will ask them they will be providing you suitable answer for that query which will help you understand the quality of the product and value of the service, thus customer relationship can greatly be rehashed, but in a smarter manner.

Agencies like Engage would help you constitute a friendly, profitable relationship with your customer, which is something like long, meaningful and personalized. Engage, the way this agency conducts everything, people feel attracted towards their promotional activity, they pay attention to their promotional bout, feel induced to taste the product and turn out to be an integral part of the process. Promotional Staff of Engage are highly talented and skillful in interacting with people who are having strange or even odd disposition. Their pleasant gesture, their show of skill will make individuals spellbound and immediately their attention shifts to them no matter where they are going or whatever they are doing. Providing range of services such as Guerrilla Marketing, Data Capture, Live Events & Exhibitions, Merchandising Services, Sampling & Leafleting, High Impact Media, PR Stunts, Product Demonstrations and many more you are sure to find solution to your marketing issue. With all these service you can well imagine what this agency is capable of. Their Promo Girls are not meant for dancing and giggling but they are skillful power pills whose magnetism none can escape.

Engage is the master of ambient marketing, which means they will be placing your advertisements at non-traditional places, where usually people would hardly expect them, in this way attention can be captured wonderfully. Such advertising can be found anywhere, on bench, on doors windows, even on bike seats, toilet seats. Engage will be planning for you the best possible ambient marketing stunts and they will brainstorm such advertisement media, which will be itching your brain and inducing you look at the stuff for a while. The benefit of placing these ads on unusual places, they attract attention and when Promotional Staff backs it up, things become all the way interesting and exciting.

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