The Role of Creative Partners in Non-Profit Organizations

Posted by Finley Dominguez on June 28th, 2021

Creative Partners is an innovative collaborative effort to offer professional non-profit fundraising for Chicago non-profit arts organizations. Launched in January of 2021, Creative Partners serves several nationally acclaimed performing arts companies, enabling each organization to prioritize the artists whose art projects generate the most funds and devote the necessary resources to produce more and greater work. Artists across the spectrum will be encouraged to contribute creatively through events, creative art sales, networking events and workshops. The non-profit partners involved are committed to supporting their artistic projects with creative strategies and creative artwork. There are numerous creative partners established with Creatorspace. The non-profit partners offer several types of sales opportunities for creative fundraisers and galas. The programs offered are focused on attracting new talent, developing professional relationships between participants and strengthening relationships among the participants themselves. The strategic plans are crafted in an open and non-prejudicial manner to ensure the involvement of all involved. Creative Partners strives to cultivate creative relationships by encouraging the participation of our clients and participants in the creation of their events and in the development of their fundraising proposals. The creative strategy begins with the recruitment of talented artists and musicians and then develops creative relationships with these artists. Once we have the musical and artist personalities lined up, the creative team works with them closely to develop a strategy for each artist as a starting point. After the musical and artist evaluations have been completed, creative pairs are developed to engage the artists in each specific genre of music. These creative pairs are responsible for sourcing performers and musicians for various projects throughout the year and are often involved in the creative planning process. Each year, the musical creatives are also asked to complete a performance evaluation, which assesses their marketing skills, their leadership skills, and their social media marketing skills. This evaluation serves to ensure that creative services companies are working with the creatives in the best manner possible and that the services are providing the most optimal service to their client base. Creative partners are also held accountable for their sales, their production costs, and their profits. With the performance evaluation, the client has a better understanding of the company's creative services business model and is better equipped to make informed decisions. agency offer services-based fundraisers. An individual or group of people can use the funds they raise to support the creative services organization in their area. Since the fundraisers typically do not cost a lot of money to produce or to host, it may be easier for the creatives to accept and incorporate the services of a creative partner into their work. Many creative services fundraisers use creative promotional products to generate consumer interest and attract generous donors. When using promotional products as fundraisers, it is important to provide helpful feedback to the creatives so that they will know what items to produce and when. Some creative services organizations even take the initiative to conduct product trials with the clients to ensure that the clientele will like the promotional products. Another way to encourage a creative partner to become more involved in your organization is to offer job security and consistent income. Jobs such as accountants, graphic designers, web designers, and writers often prefer not to do general bookkeeping, administrative, or technical bookkeeping tasks. Therefore, they are willing to spend more time on creative projects. It is beneficial to keep these types of professional creative partners on board for an organization until the latter begins to feel as though they are capable of handling these positions themselves. A creative partner's services organization may have several job openings that they are not actively seeking, but this gives the creative team a jump start in getting established in their field. Some creative services companies will help their creative partners to market themselves on the community. A business like this will use social media, email campaigns, website content, event calendars, and advertisements in local publications to promote their client and spread the word about their services. Some creative partners will even put together a small annual fundraising campaign to raise funds for their creative services. agency of partnership often makes both sides happy. Creative partnerships are all about sharing creative ideas, promoting your creative ideas, and making your clients look good. Creative professionals are happy to share their knowledge with other people in the community. These organizations can give an exceptional service at affordable prices. They work with people from all walks of life and from all demographics.

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