Buy Biochar Growing Products Online To Increase The Fertility Of Soil

Posted by daisythomas2100 on January 27th, 2016

The ever increasing pollution is a great threat to the lifestyle of humans as well as animals. These days, several office buildings, homes, towns and cities are using the green energy in order to make energy more efficient and safer. Most of the countries are now conducting projects and researchers with the help of which they can diminish the emission of greenhouse gases to prevent the environment from its harmful effects. Harmful gases present in the environment are also responsible for the depletion of Ozone layer. It is now high time to take some steps through which we can stop the environment from becoming polluted and poisonous. One such step is the use of biochar.

Basically, biochar is just a new-fangled term of a very traditional product - charcoal. It is also produced in a very similar way. Plant matter such as wood, farming waste or even garden waste is heated without oxygen so the chemical composition changes without releasing carbon. The traditional technique for making charcoal is to dig a pit or trench in the earth, begin burning whatever plant matter is to hand and then cover the fire with earth to allow it to smolder rather than burning up the fuel completely. The result is a carbon-rich, dry solid which we would all recognize as charcoal.

Biochar is known to have a beneficial impact on soil health and general fertility. Modern agricultural methods have been systematically reducing the amount of organic carbon in the soil over the past hundred years through repeated tilling of the earth. Biochar has also been credited with helping retain trace materials and nutrients as its complex structure can absorb and then release nutrient when the plants need them. Otherwise, in some conditions, these nutrients are washed out of the soil by erosion caused by rainfall or animal grazing and need to be replaced as fertilizer by the farmer, which is actually expensive, polluting and wasteful.

The good thing about biochar is that it can capture the carbon for up to thousands of years. Though, the making of biochar is a simple process but, obviously, you need a proper space to dig which makes people buy biochar growing products online or from physical stores. The various biochar products come with different compositions of biochar which can be mixed with the soil to increase its fertility and help the plants to flourish, without causing any harm the environment.

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