Go Eco-Friendly This Season with Solid Bamboo Furniture

Posted by HaikuDesigns on January 28th, 2016

Due to a particular rhizome system (“a continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals”), bamboo is one of the most rapidly growing plants in the entire world, making most weeds turn green with envy in comparison. Some types of bamboo can grow three feet or ninety-one centimeters in one single day, or four centimeters in one hour, or one millimeter in just ninety seconds. Bamboo is remarkable for its cultural and economic value in South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. In these various locations, bamboo is used as a basic building material, as a source of food and as a raw material for other purposes. Bamboo is also notable for possessing a higher compressive strength than stone, brick, concrete or wood, and it possesses a tensile strength that is comparable to iron and steel. Bamboo is quickly becoming a symbol for healthy commerce as well as practicality.

From the point-of-view of interior design, bamboo has also made its mark with kitchen, bedroom and dining-room furniture. Not only is bamboo furniture strong and durable but it is also light-weight, allowing it be moved with less effort. From an aesthetic viewpoint, bamboo is also lovely in its appearance, with its mellow hue and natural sheen. With its Asian origins, bamboo is a natural fit for the platform-bed style, which is often associated with the Japanese culture, although the origin of the platform bed goes back to ancient Egyptian times. The biggest difference between a platform bed and a modern conventional bed is the latter’s addition of a box-spring, which is cumbersome and unnecessary. Instead of a box-spring made of toxic, synthetic materials, platform beds use either solid wooden slats or sturdy Tatami mats made of natural rush-straw to support a futon or a latex mattress, both of which are eco-friendly products as well. The beauty of today’s environmentally-friendly platform beds is that they combine traditional design with modern design that comes in different colors and different types of solid wood construction

While most furniture companies still produce and sell furniture that is made from artificial ingredients, more and more companies are turning Green to meet the increasing public demand for eco-friendly merchandise and health-conscious services As a company that is more than twenty-years old, Haiku Designs is Green to the core, like all of its latex mattresses and other progressive merchandise. So, if you’re in the market for bedroom furniture that will last a lifetime, then consider the Azara bedroom collection, which is made from bamboo cooked in a kiln to a beautiful shade of brown, making it more than just unique.

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