Contemporary Platform Beds: An Elegant Furniture Selection for Your Bedroom

Posted by HaikuDesigns on January 28th, 2016

Balancing Beauty with Utility

Depending on one’s domestic needs, platform beds come in different shapes and sizes--twin-size, full-size, queen-size and king-size. They are also made from different types of wood, such as oak, mahogany, cherry and bamboo. As the picture above indicates, platform beds are also available in the form of a storage bed with drawers at the bottom, which provides the extra benefits of organizing bedroom space and locating belongings more quickly. In addition to this valuable utility, storage platform beds also offer beauty in the form of design and natural wood construction, as opposed to a hard metal frame. If you happen to be someone who has belongings laying around on the floor because you have a busy schedule, then a storage bed is the perfect solution, because all you have to do is open one of the drawers and drop the item inside, instead of dropping it on the floor in haste, which may trip you up later. And when you need a particular item, you know exactly where it is without having to navigate your bedroom. Of course, storage beds represent only one of the the many lovely designs platform beds have to offer.

Balancing the Past with the Present

Although platform beds have been around for a long time, most people think of them as a modern invention. The major differences between a platform bed and a conventional bed are easy to explain. First, a platform bed has no need for an unnatural box-spring, because it uses wooden slats or mats made of straw for support. If you take the time to think about it, the whole concept of a box-spring is foreign to the human body. To be blunt, placing springs inside of a box made of synthetic material contradicts the laws of Nature, not to mention the needs of the human body. In other words, the human body was never meant to bounce itself to sleep, so what is the purpose of having metal springs?

Since the late 1960’s, a lot of people have been getting back to Nature for good reasons, and this is taking many different forms, such as recycling, organic gardening, alternative transportation, switching to alternative energy, purchasing merchandise that is eco-friendly, and using one’s common-sense. Before the Industrial Revolution, this Green way of living was commonplace and natural, instead of a so-called “alternative” life-style. Nevertheless, modern technology has a lot to offer, such as building eco-friendly furniture more efficiently so that more people can have access to its many benefits.

About the Author:

This article was written by Mark Klosterman who worked at Haiku Designs.Since its inception, Haiku Designs has provided the finest collections of modern furniture for home and offices. It offers all kinds of bedroom, living room, dining room, office furniture items and more. Apart from this, Haiku Designs also offers natural bedding, floor covering and other accessories.

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