Your Teeth are Awesome, Just Look What They Do for You!

Posted by studiocitydental on January 29th, 2016

Besides helping to make you more beautiful, your teeth perform a wide variety of functions that help you in the digestion process. Just look at how the different types of teeth that you possess help your body to function effectively!

1. Your Incisors

The incisors are the front eight teeth in your mouth. You know, those ones that you spend so much more time brushing than all the others? They help you in the eating process by initiating the biting of, latching onto, and sharply breaking up of substances upon their initial entrance into your mouth.

Babies get these teeth before they are even a year old!

2. Canines

The canines help you in the ripping apart of food particles. Every person has four of these kind of teeth total, with two being on top and two being on bottom. They sit just outside of the incisors.

3. Premolars

Your premolars are used for chewing food once it has been slightly broken up by the incisors and the canines. They are flat with a trough in the middle, and you have four on the top of your mouth and four on the bottom.

4. Molars

Molars are also used for chewing, but they perform the heavier grinding that premolars don't do as well, especially for those really hard or really chewy foods. Each person has 12 molars total, and they also help the throat with swallowing. Most teeth (including molars) are permanent and fully developed by the time a child turns 13.

Teeth are an extremely important part of our lives, and we want to help you keep your teeth in the best shape that they can be for the longest time possible. Here at studio city cosmetic dentist, it is our goal to help you maintain the health of your teeth through regular cleanings, check-ups, and education. We want to help you understand all of the steps that you can take to ensure that, as you age, your teeth continue to survive as well as when you first got them!

Remember, even if you have incredibly white-looking teeth that doesn't necessarily mean that they are healthy. If you would like to speak to a Studio City cosmetic dentist, please call at (818) 762-2977 and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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