Know the different ways to make up temporary tattoos on your body

Posted by smotij on January 31st, 2016

Tattooing is one aspect of body art that has remained in vogue for centuries. Though initially, the tattoo was a means to portray that a person belongs to a certain group or a tribe, in present times, this art has been used to portray a sense of independence and a distinction among the rest. Hence, naturally the demands and choices regarding the tattoos has changed to a great extent and with that the emergence of temporary tattoos have come about.

Generally these types of tattoos are fake and mostly done by use of airbrush system or light technology. Their period of stay is quite small and hence people can easily remove them as per wish. However, on an aesthetic note the tattoos definitely have an appeal that surpasses the beauty of a host of things.

How are these tattoos done?

There is a special procedure for the doing up of these tattoos. This is secure and makes sure that the skin is not affected while the process is on, or even post it.

  • The colouring is generally impregnated on the skin and then the final brushing is done on that.

  • The paper containing the tattoo is first held on the skin and then the transfer is made by using water as a means to get the impression on it.

  • In case of henna tattoos as well, the procedure repeated is the same, and on that the henna design is implanted.

Thus, fake tattoos can actually provide a new look to the whole body even if they are for a temporary period.

Aspects to be kept in mind:

It is extremely essential that certain safety measures need to be kept in mind while doing up the temporary tattoos.

  • The instruments that are used needs to be kept clean and not repeated.

  • In case of any skin allergies, prior treatment is to be done or immediate care is to be taken.

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