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Agility is one of the slower skills to get a skillcape on Runescape. Be aware that to get 99 Agility on Runescape you will need a little bit of Runescape determination. Maybe you should gather enough osrs gold to gather necessary items and gears to help you level up fast. RSorder has plenty of cheap RS gold for sale. As you can see, it can be really rewarding to get 99 Agility. Here our tips on how to get 99 Agility.

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It is worth to point out that there are some goodies that can help temporarily you increase your agility level, or reduce the energy needed, such as Summer Pies which can increase your agility level by 5 levels. Weight-reducing items also can be useful, such as the boots of lightness, and you can get this by completing the "Temple of Ikov" quest.

Useful Runescape Agility Guides

Levels 1-18: Go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, North of West Ardougne. The gnome Stronghold Agility course gives a rate of 6,800 exp per hour. You can achieve level 18 after about 31 minutes doing this.

Levels 18-35: Watchtower trellis. Head to Yanille and go just outside the Watchtower. Here is a trellis which you can climb to the tower. And then you can go downand repeat the process. In this way, you can get 9,000 exp hour.

Levels 35-40: Barbarian Outpost Agility Course. Bring some food with you since the fail obstacles will hurt you 2-5 hitpoints. It takes 30-45 minutes to level up by this method.

Levels 40-52: You're finally able to get the most out of agility at this level. Head to the Agility Arena in Brimhaven, also make sure to bring about 500gp, some teleport runes, and lots of cakes with you.

Levels 52-75: Wilderness Agility Course. You should make sure to avoid the revenant ghosts. Make sure you only bring food and lightweight, non-valuable items. You are able to get 571.5 experience per run.

Levels 75-77: Ape Atoll Course. At 75, you can no longer fail the Atoll course, making its exp better than the wilderness course.

Levels 77-99: Hefin Agility Course. You gain access to this area after completing the quest Plague's End. You gain around 80k experience per hour on this course, or 100k if the voice of Seren is active.

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