Blade & Soul Guide: Three Things You Should Know about Hongmoon Items

Posted by goldsafe21 on February 1st, 2016

Most of players have probably known that the very best set of items in Blade & Soul is Hongmoon items. However, players will get this stuff from their earliest moments in the game, which is the weird, but the most important thing you should know since this will decide what you should do in the next time. The three things you should know about Hongmoon items shared by, check out!

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1. You only need Hongmoon Items in Blade & Soul

As safewow mentioned, Hongmoon items are the best set of items in the game, which means that you only ever need these items, and everything else is only the materials that can be used to level up your Hongmoon items. It sounds weird and makes the idea of loot collection much less exciting, but it is the fact that you should keep in mind. If you happen to misplace your hongmoon items, you can get a set from the Viridian Valor Stone Trader inside Jadestone Village (North East of the Everdusk forest). However you'll need to farm Viridian Valor Stones to purchase this replacement set.

2. Don’t buy Hongmoon items from vendor

Does the “best item” means that Hongmoon items worth of purchasing? The answer is absolutely no. There is a viridian stone vendor that sells Hongmoon items in Jadestone village, don't buy any of them, even if you don't have them yet. As you do quests and level, you will get those best items, such as Hongmoon earings, necklaces, and so on... so if you buy an extra one, you'll have it stuck in your inventory since now there's no way to sell or salvage Hongmoon items.

3. Stock other items to upgrade your Hongmoon

Though Hongmoon gear you get is the best item, it will need to be upgraded. Sacrifice all drops to them that are not classified as breakthrough materials. This means that you should, in general, not be salvaging or selling jewelry and weapons. If you don’t know what items are breakthrough items, check it on the item's tooltip that will tell you if a certain item is a Breakthrough Material or Evolution Material under Advance.

The above guide is to give new players a general understanding about the Hongmoon items. Do them make some sense for you? Stay tuned on safewow - a reliable site to buy blade & soul gold and get related blade & soul news!

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