Making Your Kitchen Look Royal With A Limited Budget

Posted by randyjones on February 1st, 2016

Not all of us have a hundred thousand dollars stocked up for kitchen remodelling; but do you know it doesn’t really take all that money to make your kitchen look plush and royal? Yes, it is actually possible to make your kitchen the ‘expensive’ makeover without spending hard cash! Here are some easy ways to achieve this seemingly unattainable task. Take a look:

  1. Taller cabinets- The most common factor among economical kitchens are the smaller cabinets and not just because there is a lack of space. Look around the marketplace and search for taller cabinets to replace your existing smaller ones which would not only give you more storage space but also enhance the overall look of your kitchen. You can try contacting the original seller of your cupboards and see if there is any buyback deal available.
  1. Be creative with flooring- We know flooring can be expensive, but instead of splurging on original granite or oak floorboards you can try their less pricey alternatives like marble stone, ceramic tiles, carpets mimicking the pattern and texture of costly floorings (hardwood, glossy granite, cork or laminate). These options give the same stunning look as their high-priced counterparts but cost comparatively less.
  1. Consider new lighting- Lighting is not simply a decorative feature but also an important functional aspect which cannot and should not be ignored. Consider your old lighting and see if it highlights the good spots of your kitchen. Most people don’t realise the huge effect some strategically placed lights can make to the entire look of the space around them. You can also try changing the lighting equipment for an enhanced look. Browse through garage sales and thrift shops for cheaper options.
  1. Worktop makeover- The easiest way to give a facelift to any kitchen is by revamping the worktops. Analyse the condition of your worktops and see whether a little care and maintenance can revive them. If however, your countertops are pretty rundown, consider replacing them with new ones. Generally premium quality granite worktops in London only require resealing after every 2-3 years to remain in top shape; you can get them re-polished to bring back the old shine if the lustre has gone with years of continued use.

Apart from these you can try adding some plants or flowers to your kitchen area to give it a fresh, lively touch. A simple breakfast bar for the family to have meals together is also an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new, posh look. Go on ahead and tell us if you have any new ideas through comments!

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