Oculoplastic Procedures: The Best Way to Get Rid of those Dark Circles

Posted by Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery on February 1st, 2016

Dark circles are prevalent across people of all age groups and across both genders. There are multiple reasons for this condition of which some of the most common ones are lack of sound sleep, ageing, genetics, excessive crying and prolonged working hours spent in front of the computer screen. Other reasons may include illnesses, including ones that may have gone undetected, or medication. Dark circles can make a person look tired, sleepy, exhausted, old and even unhealthy.

Dark circles can occur at any stage of life and if not treated properly may steal that glow away from an individual’s face and may even become a pressing wellness concern. There are many home remedies to help get rid of them but chances of these treatments being 100% foolproof are rare. Moreover, the possibility of the dark circles reoccurring is always present. Some of the main reasons for recurrence of dark circles are daily stress, depression and a hectic lifestyle that were not addressed after the initial diagnosis and treatment. Sleeping disorders further aggravate the situation and make the face look tired and aged.

Oculoplasty, a branch of ophthalmology, is a cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive plastic surgery of the eye that helps repair any cosmetic and functional problems around the eye. These problems mainly relate to the tissues or structures surrounding the eyes and not the eyeball itself. These structures include the eyelids, tear ducts and the orbit (the bony socket surrounding the eye) that is overlapped by the under eye skin where the dark circles occur.

Oculoplastic surgery helps improve the overall appearance of the eyes and the face by repairing the eyelids and the surrounding tissues or structures around the eye. Oculoplasty is the best solution to get rid of dark circles. The cosmetic plastic surgery considers the complexities of the sensitive tissues and the area around the eyes and gives a completely new look to the individual who wants to get rid of dark circles.

Oculoplasty helps in restoring an individual’s facial beauty and appearance besides providing one with a rejuvenated facial skin. The surgery helps to highlight the natural physical appearance of the person and helps them feel nice and confident about themselves. The surgery is especially recommended for people who have tried other alternatives but have had no success with those treatments.

Dark circles are not something anyone likes to have on their face and oculoplasty helps get rid of the problem. Oculoplasty procedures help one to benefit from its functional and aesthetic effects that last forever.

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