Beyond surveying, what makes a chartered surveyor Brighton unique

Posted by Brian Miller on February 1st, 2016

What is it that makes a chartered surveyor Brighton different from many more who wait to be called in? Is it their qualifications, experience or is it their capability to pull you out of a tricky situation? They may be a competent building surveyor Brighton as well, but what about the other skills that you are looking for? See if they can take care of structural engineering aspects. You may need someone to advice you on project management or settling claims and disputes. Or, you may want a surveyor who is competent to act as an Expert Witness as well, if the time comes. Then you may want them to get civic permissions for constructions and renovations.

Project management
In this field, working as a chartered surveyor Brighton a professional usually acquires skills that are beyond his qualifications, as a result of years of interactions with clients and handling different kinds of projects including residential, commercial, industrial etc. Right from planning a new construction to completion, every step remain clearly etched out in their minds. Residential and commercial property management then becomes a part of the specialization areas. During their tenure of work, a building surveyor Brighton interacts closely with building contractors and this helps them to understand a lot of about project management.

A chartered surveyor Brighton does not just specialise in surveying but also preparing extensive reports. These may be structural reports, survey reports, reports of recommendations and potential costs, budget analysis, legal reports in case of Party Wall Agreements, among others. They also have to present evidence along with their reports in form of statistics, official documents and photographs, wherever necessary. Reporting is a very integral part of the job profile of a building surveyor Brighton.

Setting disputes and acting as Expert Witness
As an accepted and acknowledged chartered surveyor Brighton, the professionals can act as Expert Witness where there is need to settle legal disputes. They present their reports and recommendations which are taken as evidence in Courts. This is usually required in case of disputes related to landlords and tenants, boundaries and builders. They follow Civil Procedure Rule 35 to prepare their reports.

Obtaining approvals and permissions
A building surveyor Brighton can also be extremely helpful in obtaining approvals and permissions from local authorities. Thanks to their years of experience in this field, they have extensive contacts with local solicitors, City Council and Brighton Housing Trust. This allows them to smoothen the process of surveying and getting permissions.  

It is only after a long innings in this business and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of property and legal matters that you can get a surveyor who will be able to offer all the above services to you in Brighton. So, now you have an idea about what else to look for, other than the usual services, when you are searching for a chartered surveyor Brighton. They are not just good as a building surveyor Brighton but have the expertise and intelligence to deal with complex legal matters as well.

A professional building surveyor Brighton can play an important role in a number of ways apart from performing the usual duties of a chartered surveyor Brighton.

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