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Posted by Brian Miller on February 1st, 2016

A chartered surveyor Brighton is one who has a professional training in survey work. Quite often it takes years to complete the professional training and at the end they emerge as experts in the field of property and land survey. Thus, you can depend on the findings of a surveyor Brighton with full confidence. He or she will submit the survey report to you covering each and every portion of the property in question. You can take the final decision of investing in any particular piece of property on the basis of the survey report. Building survey is vital for both old and new constructions before you plan to invest.

All chartered surveyors Brighton essentially need to be a degree holder which is approved by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Only on becoming a member of this prestigious body does a surveyor Brighton receive the status of being chartered. Being a chartered surveyor is a mark of professionalism as you require practical experience before appearing for the examination to qualify for membership. When engaging a surveyor you should try and get the services of one who has good knowledge and genuine contact with local authorities. This will enable you to get authentic valuation of your property.

A chartered surveyor Brighton will provide honest, unbiased opinion based on his inspection which will let you assess the value of the property you propose to invest in. When carrying out structural survey, a surveyor Brighton ensures the building’s physical condition is analysed and examined. Such a survey is legally not compulsory but it is more important for your own relief and assurance about the property being a sound one. The surveyor will point out marks of subsidence (if any), signs of dampness, sagging roofs or bulging plaster which would need your attention.

Based on such an authentic survey report you can discuss with your real estate agent or seller directly. Any problem with the building requires immediate attention which should be handled prior to finalising the deal. A chartered surveyor Brighton will advice you about the necessary steps you should take in order to resolve the issues. A surveyor Brighton has ability to provide structural engineering services too and you can get exact estimate of the cost of renovating the building. Not only prior to buying an old property, you can conduct a survey of your existing property before you start renovation work.

When a real estate contractor embarks on a project to convert an old building into modern residential flats, the job of a chartered surveyor Brighton becomes all the more vital. He will prepare the structural engineering plan and drawings for your new project after inspecting the actual site. Once construction is over the surveyor Brighton will assess the building and give his approval of it being faultless. You can then get the other clearance certificates from the authorities easily. Inspection carried out by building surveyors is necessary after the completion of the renovation project to ensure that the entire job has been done satisfactorily. A surveyor can be your friendly advisor whenever you plan to invest in property.

Experienced chartered surveyor Brighton will provide accurate information about your building’s condition. A surveyor Brighton will provide clear insight into structural condition of a building after a thorough inspection.

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