What to look for in a chartered surveyor Brighton

Posted by Brian Miller on February 1st, 2016

For the measurement of land and buildings, both old and new (including the ones that are being constructed), there is the requirement to hire a surveyor Brighton. The surveyor is required so that the land related disputes don’t arise and the safety aspect of buildings are certified. There are many who don't just want to hire mere surveyors in Brighton. If you are one of them and want to hire the best surveyor in the city, look for a chartered surveyor Brighton.

Hiring a chartered surveyor Brighton is slightly more expensive than hiring a surveyor Brighton simply because of the addition of the word "chartered" in their title. While all the surveyors in Brighton are certified by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), only 10% of them are chartered surveyors. Hence, they tend to command a higher price for their services. The price difference is not major, but the quality of work done by a chartered surveyor could have a major difference with a standard surveyor in Brighton.

But it's not given that every chartered surveyor Brighton is at the top of their job. You find differences in the work quality of the different chartered surveyors in Brighton. Hence, you should look around to try and find the best chartered surveyor in the Brighton area. Some of the points for you to focus on include

Checking that the surveyor Brighton is indeed a chartered surveyor and certified by RICS. You can ask to see their certification and they should have no qualms sharing it with you.

Checking that the surveyor has experience in surveying land and buildings in the Brighton area. Because surveying is such a critical job, you may want to opt for someone with experience. However, there are newbie chartered surveyors in Brighton who are excellent. You may want to consider these professionals as well.

Checking the reviews of any chartered surveyor Brighton whose name you come across. Go online and you should have quite a few reviews to go through. But you should also double check and look for references from others. A professional chartered surveyor in Brighton will not mind sharing client references with you.

Checking out the names in your list of surveyor Brighton and having direct talks with them. You will gauge the professionalism of the surveyors in your list by speaking with them for a few minutes. Some of these professionals are highly experienced and they know exactly how they would go about their job. And they will not mind sharing information with you, except for some pieces of information that they cannot reveal.

You know you need to hire a surveyor Brighton when a piece of land has to be measured or a building has to be checked from the safety point of view. However, if you want the best quality work, you have to hire a chartered surveyor Brighton. When you see this person in action, you will be left in no doubt that you took the right decision, even if you had to pay slightly more.

A surveyor Brighton is an important professional. But a chartered surveyor Brighton is an even better professional.

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