Deadman Mode Combat Level Tips for Beginners and Gain Deadman Gold from Rsorder

Posted by nash john on February 2nd, 2016

Have you heard the rumor that Deadman mode is dying! Is this stop you from keep playing this game or trying to start Deadman mode. It is worth to point out that this is a great time for you to start playing Deadman mode right now! As you can see, there are less people in game and it will be much safer for you to explore the game. If you need deadman mode gold , you can always buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. RSorder has plenty of cheap Deadman gold for sale. Besides, here are our tips on how to start train in Deadman mode.

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Fresh from tutorial island

For players who fresh from tutorial island, just speak to Skippy when you spawn and choose to spawn at the Gnome Stronghold, you can train your agility or kill level 1 gnomes here. It is also wise for you to cut normal trees to achieve level 15 or 30, and you can opt for oak or willows in lumbridge at this level.

Low Level Training methods

In Lumbridge, you can kill Man for combat to train your skills or combat instead of killing Cows or Goblins since people tend to kill you at there. It is wise for you to kill man for combat since you can get low level and high level herbs, Easy Clue Scrolls, or other items which can make you good money. Want to train skills like woodcutting and fletching? Why not pick up a knife out of the kitchen in the lumby castle and go to the Woodcutting instructor and cut willows or oaks. Head out of the Guarded Area to train other of your skills.

Deadman mode Combat level tips

Chances are you can reach level 30/40 combat with above tips. When it comes to mid-level combat, you will want to return to the Gnome Stronghold to train Combat. It is recommend to use a scimitar and bring enough food with you. Head to the grand tree and kill the level 20 gnomes, they are good XP and easy to kill. For training range, safespot terrorbirds behind the fence can be your best option! Move on to Falador and kill White Guards once you have reached 70/85 combat.

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