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s off as surprisingly lively.Riddled with drum machines, synths and spanish style wedding dresses uncharacteristcally jangly guitars, it explores the Joy Divison/Echo and the Bunnymen/U2-loving side of his brain that he has rarely indulged.His lyrics, of course, don t reflect any sort of newfound upbeat nature;sweeping through the evening.Never let anyone tell you Mark Lanegan is not an evocative songwriter.As the scope of his music has expanded, though, the common denominator remains his voice, which, in concert, really ties the room together.From the inside-out Sunday, Bloody Sunday-style guitar work of Harborview Hospital to the cock-rocky Dandy Warhols/Rolling Stone crossbreed of Quiver Syndrome to the grungey throwback Black Rose Way (which, as a Screaming Trees song, actually is a grungey throwback), the one thing on which you can rely is that familiar, mournful and pleasantly versatile baritone.But when he s done, he s done: After the hard-driving finale of Methamphetamine Blues, Lanegan simply walked off the stage, leaving a bandmate to say goodnight but also to inform the crowd that Mark would be at the merch table selling CDs and signing autographs, if we were interested.It would have seemed diva-like if it didn t also show off his expert compartmentalization skills.warm, funny, a big sports fan.If you want a friend, get a cat.Lanegan is here to haunt you on his own terms, wear his pain for 90 minutes a night and hit the showers.Why waste a voice like that on banter, anyway?Verdict: Lanegan attracts his fair share of grunge-bros, but if you can find a place to watch the show unmolested by a dope spilling his Bud Light on you, you will not regret it.Setlist:The Gravedigger s SongSleep With MeHit the CityWedding DressOne Way StreetResurrection SongGray Goes BlackCrawlspace (Screaming Trees)Quiver SyndromeOne Hundred DaysCreeping Coastline of LightsBlack Rose Way (Screaming Trees)Riot In My HouseOde To Sad DiscoSt.his new wife’s body found in a bathtub in the silver sequin cocktail dress she wore at her wedding reception and possibly at the wedding itself, police Lace wedding dresses said Tuesday.The manhunt continued for 30-year-old Arnoldo Jimenez, who is wanted on a first-degree murder warrant in the slaying of Estrella Carrera, 26, shortly after they celebrated their marriage with friends, said police in the Chicago suburb of Burbank.Joseph Ford of the Burbank Police Department told The Associated Press later Tuesday.We do our jobs every day, of course.But something like this really motivates you to work even harder.It is possible that Carrera was also wed in the short, shimmering dress in which she was killed, Ford said.After they were married Friday afternoon at Chicago’s City Hall, the couple had dinner with friends at a restaurant, then headed to a nightclub in a party limousine.They were last seen at 4 a.Saturday, and Carrera’s body was found in her Burbank apartment Sunday.The 6-foot, 220-pound Jimenez was last known to be driving a 2006 black Maserati.Since the killing likely took place just hours after the couple went to her Burbank apartment, the suspect had a day to flee the metropolitan area or even the state, Ford said.Carrera, the mother of a 2-year-old boy and a 9-year-old daughter, told nearly no one in advance about her plans to marry, inviting a few friends out Friday without saying what she was celebrating, her relatives said.Her body was found after family members became worried they had not heard from her and called police.Some of those familiar with the couple said there had been incidents of violence during their two years dating, Ford said.But he added that authorities hadn’t found any records indicating Carrera ever filed a complaint against Jimenez.Carrera’s family and acquaintances were struggling to comprehend how such a tragedy could happen during what should have been among the happiest days of the couple’s lives.You see this sort of thing in the of her neighbours, David Raska, said before police named Jimenez as a suspect.Carrera’s cousins also were shocked.said 27-year-old Jaime Lopez.Reality cheap wedding dresses still hasn’t hit me.Carerra called another cousin, Sandy Lopez, inviting her to the party but saying nothing about a wedding.She didn’t tell anybody besides her father the day before.She told NBC 5 Chicago news that Carrera and her new husband had an on-again, off-again relationship.The cousins, neither of whom could make it to the Friday party, said Carrera worked as a Spanish-language translator, and they described her as a fiercely independent woman who adored her kids.Relatives became concerned when Carrera didn’t pick up her children on Saturday at her father’s, who had been watching his grandchildren while his daughter was celebrating.Police found her body Sunday afternoon during a well-being check.Another neighbour in Burbank, Jason Tokarczyk, said Carrera had lived in her apartment for the past several months and would greet him coming and going, but otherwise said little.seemed like a really nice guy.CHICAGO The sister of a bride found stabbed to death on her wedding day in the U.Jazmin Carrera tells The Associated Press that a sister of Arnoldo Jimenez told the victim’s family about the phone call Sunday.Jimenez was crying and nervous, hung up on his sister and wouldn’t pick up when she called him back.Police are searching for Jimenez, who is wanted on a murder charge.Estrella Carrera was found stabbed in her bathtub, wearing a sequined cocktail dress she’d worn on her wedding night.Jazmin Carrera says Jiminez had hit and bruised her sister in the past.A barnstorming Stratford, Ont.woman with a daredevil streak and a passion for adventure has quietly become a member of Jordan’s royal family.Aerobatic pilot Basmah Hasan became Princess Basmah in January after she wed Prince Hamzah of Jordan’s Hashemite royal family.RelatedThe Royal Wedding: Of cakes and carriagesThey’re hoping for reignHamzah is the son of the late King Hussein and his American-born wife, Queen Noor, and a senior officer
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