Five Ways in Which a Chartered Surveyor Brighton Can Aid Your Property Dealings

Posted by sophiamilller on February 2nd, 2016

The idea of seeking the support of a chartered surveyor Brighton is still uncharted waters for most people who are one-time dealers in real estate properties. For commoners, buying and selling properties is mostly a one-time affair and quite naturally as it is, not too much fore-thought goes into the process. The concerns remain limited to the monetary matters, and that in many ways shrink the scope of the entire transaction. There is so much extra profit that can be earned from selling a property or extra value when buying the same, when the process is expedited by a building surveyor Brighton.

Property Evaluation

Both at the time of buying and selling, evaluating a property is mandatory. Without proper evaluation, both the parties are in a no man’s land. You cannot entirely bank on your Realtor to make the value assessment for you, because they might have massive network of buyers and sellers, access to the elite listings and some price-cutting magic tricks up their sleeves, but they are qualified to do all that they do. When it comes to naming a fair price for a property, it is not exactly their forte. Even if they do, that would be a foray into a new and unknown territory for them. Alternately, a chartered surveyor Brighton is trained to be of financial assistance, giving you not only the right evaluation, but also advice you on your finances in these matters.

Reporting the Observations

The difference between you going on a property scouting in an open house and a professional surveyor making an inspection visit is striking. The surveyors have the eyes to catch all structural weaknesses and defects that might evade an unpractised pair of eyes. A crack might look just like a crack to you, but could actually be the sign of a buckling roof. The window from roof to ceiling might appear to be grand to you, but can be the passage for wind chills in the frozen winter. The lawn might look like the perfect ground for a Japanese garden, but it might have too much infertility in the soil composition. Let a professional take a sweeping look to prepare a detailed report for you.

Oversee the Projects

Whether you are rebuilding your home or renovating it, a pair of eyes to track every activity of the project is necessary. You might not be around, nor would you want to boss the builders around. The supervisor appointed by your contractor might be too expensive for vigilance. A building surveyor Brighton is who you need to make sure that all stages of progression are monitored and presided. The specialist will supervise each day of work to make sure that it serves the utmost purpose.

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