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Most if not all people at Lund University would scoff at the idea that Marcella Carby-Samuels would be capable of any kind of deception, let alone be responsible for inflicting suffering on her own mother. But the psychopathic mind is devious, and Marcella’s own approach towards her academic career and her family speak louder than words.

Delusional thinking

Marcella has alleged that her brother, Raymond has tried to "kidnap" his Mother, and strives to draw attention away from her own collusion in her ill mother’s neglect by accusing her brother of “mental illness”. However, it is not only her home life that has been affected by psychopathic deception and manipulative behaviour.

Lund University Deceived

Students and faculty of the university seem to be blissfully unaware of the highly unethical deceptions that Marcella has indulged in in order to secure her place as a PhD candidate at Lund.

Marcella became a PhD candidate at Lund University thanks to the support of Dr. David Tenenbaum who had recently been awarded tenureship in the Geography Department at Lund. Marcella should be congratulated for this achievement, were it not for the fact that Dr. David Tenenbaum is her husband.

Having retained her maiden name after marriage, Marcella was able to conceal her marital status, thereby allowing for a nepotistic appointment to candidacy in Human Ecology thanks to her husband’s support. Marcella has consistently deceived Lund University in same way that she has pursued her self-serving agenda against her brother - without regard to ethics or empathy.

According to Maibom (2013), psychopaths experience “little guilt, remorse or empathy” and according to CBC's Doc Zone, the cold, calculated pursuit of the ambition of the psychopath is achieved through techniques of apparent congeniality while manipulating circumstances with regard to the ethical implications.

Deliberate lies and manipulation

Marcella has boasted about her organized efforts to keep members of the Lund University community "in the dark" about her relationship to her husband  Dr. David Tenenbaum who holds tenure in the related Department of Geography at the university. As she cultivated apparent friendships with "the Swedes" the psychopathic mind she betrays through her activities in private and professional life was engaged in organized efforts to deceive her so-called friends.

She has reported going to social functions at Lund University at which she admits to having been careful about keeping her husband's identity and his position in the Department of Geography secret. Having a “silent partner” in her quest for her PhD could certainly be seen as an unfair advantage – after all, she has the kind of ally that no other PhD candidate would be able to rely upon.

Profile of a psychopath

In a recent documentary series with distinguished contributors such as Dr. Robert Hare, CBC Doc Zone examined the profile of a psychopath. These chillingly rational thinkers are puppet masters who will get other people to do their ‘dirty work’ by promoting loyalty.

The successful psychopath knows how to manipulate others in a way that leaves them in a ‘safe place’. According to victims, the psychopath is expert at playing the sympathy card, even though they have no empathy of their own. Lies and manipulation are second nature to the psychopath, and they don’t hesitate to use these techniques on their colleagues, parents, children, spouses and siblings.

These traits can be seen in Marcella Carby-Samuels’ professional and personal life. Not only has her ambition led to unethical professional behaviour, but it has led to a concerted effort to disenfranchise her brother and oppress her Mom while projecting an image of innocence and purity. This psychopathic mask conceals the reality of an ill, disabled elderly woman and a desperately concerned son who have been forcibly separated against their will through Marcella’s actions.

As the CBC Doc Zone related, while the minds of psychopaths have no empathy, they like to prey on the sympathy of others while deceiving and manipulating others in their efforts to pursue a hidden agenda. Raymond Carby-Samuels believes that his sister is pursuing her ambitions through hastening her own mother’s end in the hope of receiving a substantial legacy. Thus the pursuit of money and power overshadows normal human emotions whilst the psychopath maintains a pristine image.

Dr Hare says that psychopaths are more common than we may believe. They are egocentric, lacking remorse, or empathy, deceitful, glib and shallow. Although these dangerous traits indicate a criminal mind, most psychopaths are not criminals as such. Statistics show that there could be 600,000 in Canada alone. The primary indicator of psychopathy is the inability to feel emotions that are second nature to normal people, while having knowledge of how to manipulate these emotions in others.

Marcella Carby-Samuels – a psychopath?

So far, we are aware that Marcella has:

Manipulated her husband into colluding with her in a situation that could permanently damage his career so that her ambitions can be furthered.

Has deliberately deceived her academic colleagues regarding her relationship to Dr. Tenenbaum.

Has deceived authorities into barring her brother from his role as her mother’s caregiver with devastating effects on her health.

Has shown pride rather than guilt in her ability to deceive others.

All of this while retaining an outwardly charming and charismatic front. From this evidence alone, it would be reasonable to conclude that Lund University is dealing with a PhD candidate with a psychopathic mind.

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