D.I.Y Termites Control: What You Should Know About First

Posted by Amy on February 2nd, 2016

A do it yourself termites control plan can save you lots of trouble from renovations & termite treatments. In the event you are to prevent termite infestation effectively, though, you must learn about some fundamentals on termites control methods.

Approach with Caution

Nowadays, it is not unusual to find homeowners doing their own termite control measures. You ought to however approach a do it yourself termite control method with some caution. Although some people may have been able to perform these methods successfully, other specialists still maintain that doing things yourself may have some disadvantages.

Before you can apply any do it yourself termite control method, you ought to first be able to properly evaluate the extent of termite destroy as well as the conditions which promote termite infestation. It may take a actual professional to know the extent of termite presence & what methods will work best. In some regions, there may even be special methods that need to be employed. Not all individuals also have the necessary skill to make use of specific equipment & chemicals & may finish up endangering the house occupants' health. Think about a do it yourself termite control only in the event you are sure that you know what you are doing.

Termite Baiting

Professional termite control companies usually do the termite baiting. Now, there's already few options for homeowners to do it themselves. The reason why baiting may be thought about ideal by some people is that there's less harmful chemicals involved. The procedure however may take some time & may not always guarantee complete termite extermination when used alone.

To do the baiting yourself, make a personal inspection of the extent of destroy on the property first.You must take note of wooden areas & moisture rich areas that may be conducive for termites. Some places that may need to be carefully marked on your illustration are places where wood comes in to contact with soil, ground or areas with much moisture & places with trees.

You may start your do it yourself termite control baiting by burying wooden monitors six feet under the ground in strategic areas around your house. These baits may attract termites after a few months. One time you are sure that the wooden monitors already have termites, you can replace them with treated baits. These baits contain substances that may be ingested by worker ants & brought back to the colony for other members to ingest.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment is a bit more difficult to do yourself. Before you think about this do it yourself termite control method, be sure that you comply with state laws for chemical applications, drilling & trenching. Make it a point to follow product instructions to the letter.

This method involves having to inject treatments in to the soil or having to apply them on strategic trenches. Although some chemicals may be able to eradicate termites quickly & effectively, they may even be harmful to the environment & may be unsafe for individuals who accidentally ingest or come in to contact them.


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