Marriage Visa For Usa - Positive And Negative Facts

Posted by dynamohi on February 3rd, 2016

Within the period of ninety days, the couple has to do a legal marriage and later apply for the adjustment status for the foreign finance in the USA. This is particularly the spouse who has to remain lawfully in the country of USA. There is also the availability of the immigrant marriage visas and these are quite different from the K1 visas.. the reason is that the immigrant spouse visa will grant the lawful permanent residence to the spouse that is alien after the lawful permission to the USCBP i.e. the United states customs and border protection service. This happens at the American port of entry.

There are two types of immigrant spouse visas.. One is the CR1 visa and another is the IR1 visa. In the CR1 visa, one will get the conditional lawful permanent residency in USA after being given the lawful entry to the country. For this, the alien spouse of the USA citizen has to submit the application regarding the conditionality of the residence. For such a condition related to themarriage visa for USA, this condition has to be lifted so that he or she can stay in the USA for infinite time period. The IR1 visa is being used by the spouse of the USA citizen that is legally married for a time period of two years. This time period has to be at the time when the alien spouse enters USA legally through the customs and border protection services.

When it comes to the visa process of the USA fiancée visa, it moves much faster as compared to the immigrant marriage visa process. But the former is generally considered a inferior travel document as compared to the immigrant visa. This is because of the aforementioned status differential.

If the foreign loved one enters USA, he or she is in a comparatively better position compared to the person with the K1 visa. The fact is if there is dream, it is going to convert into the reality and there is no doubt about the fact. If the process is smooth, the hurdles automatically go.

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