Sandblasting garnet---Demand is much in market

Posted by dynamohi on February 3rd, 2016

Garnet s highly admired when it comes to the gemstones. It has the rich colour and is used for various purposes. Wearing this kind of gemstone is the desire for many.

Because of the rich colour, garnet is admired among the gemstones. In this group of minerals, one can find the categories like Almandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossular, andradite and uvarovite. Other varieties that are included in this family are goldmanite, calderite, knorringite, henritermierite, majorite, kimzeyite, hibschite, katoite, morimotoite and schorlomite. This stone comes as a combination of almandine and pyrope and is also called as the rhodolite garnet or pyrope almandine garnet.

The fact is garnet is complicated and complex because it comes as the combination of many minerals. Other common names that are associated with it are Tsavorite, Hessonite, Malaya, Mozambique, Mandarin, Ant-hill, Leuco, Hydrogrossular, Demantoid, Melanite, Topazolite and Thai.  They find these names from the places where these are found.

Garnet also known as the sandblasting garnet is admired by many people but some consider these of inferior quality when one compares then to various other gemstones in the market. The main reason can be these stones are available in abundance and have the wide usage.

Because of the supply and demand rules, these gemstones are sold at a comparatively lower price.  They have the low price compared to the gemstones that have the lower supply. These stones are a wonderful fit for any kind of jewellery and are a favourable gemstone for any kind of wear.  One should not subject this gemstone to the improper heat treatment and if this is done, the stone is going to get destroyed.

There is need of care for best sandblasting garnet when it comes to any kind of jewellery. This gemstone is a good material for jewellery but it has got many other uses as well. All these uses are not known to many people but may be a few people might be knowing them.

There are also the harder varieties of garnet 80 mesh available and these can be used as abrasive when in the sand formations. These can also be used as the replicas when it comes to the sand blasting garnet during the mix with water that is highly pressurised.  These can also be used for the purpose of steel cutting. These play important role in different studies that are being conducted on the metamorphic and igneous rocks.

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