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Posted by John Smith on February 3rd, 2016

The Serengeti luxury safari lodge has the best of the best to offer you. It gives you comfort and nature together in one package deal. These lodges are situated in one of natures’ most beautiful areas in Africa. You are constantly surrounded by beauty and wildlife while having all your normal amenities. It is almost a mix of what seems like parallel worlds, you will have to experience it to believe it.

It truly is a work of art. You get everything from hot water in your toilet, to a king size bed and even a gaming lodge, just in case you think you may get bored. This is all apart from what nature has to offer you of course, so make sure you have seen everything there is to see before you call it a night in a Serengeti luxury tented lodge.

Sight Seeing Areas:

Once you get out of your Serengeti luxury tented lodge there is so much to see that your trip may feel a little incomplete by the end if you think you haven’t covered it all.

  1. You have the Serengeti plains where the wildebeest breed since they are here right from December to May. You also have granite florations known as kopjes. There is everything from pythons to zebras and buffalo’s here that you will never tire of just sitting and observing.
  2. The Northern Serengeti has open woodlands and hills that will almost make you want to live there. You can find animals like the dik-dik and giraffe’s here in this bushy savannah area.

These are just a few of the area that you will come across and your Serengeti luxury safari lodge will offer some of the best views that are absolutely to die for. What more can you ask for when you have everything you can ask for and nature just outside your bedroom. So check out right now to find out more!

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