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Posted by ElyonClinic on February 3rd, 2016

Knowledge of AIDS how much do you know? And whether are you enough concern about your health? So, take some time to browse the following.

For AIDS patients, the HIV test Singapore is particularly important. Because the 30%-40% patient often accompanies anemia the white blood cell reduces, the lymphocyte reduces, the decrease of blood small pull. The healthy blood cell count should be reviewed every 3-6 month, and this is a part of the monitoring of CD4 cells. The frequency of detection should be increased from the use of bone marrow suppression drugs, just like blood in a small counter at the edge or low state, the occurrence of the symptoms of bone marrow suppression.

The detection of the pathogen was directly detected by virus isolation and culture, morphology observation, virus antigen detection and gene assay. Because the first two methods are difficult and require special equipment and technical personnel. Therefore only the detection of antigen and HIV test Singapore can be used for clinical diagnosis. HIV-1P24 antigen detection can be used for auxiliary diagnosis of HIV antibody indeterminate or window period; HIV-1antibody positive infants born to mothers who early differential diagnosis; fourth generation HIV-1 Antigen / Antibody ELISA detection reagent was positive, but HIV-1 antibody confirmed negative diagnosis. P24 antigen detection is generally used ELISA double antibody sandwich reagent, reagent must be approved of SDA registration, in the validity period, the positive results must be based on the reagent manual and HIV test Singapore confirmed. 30-90% sensitivity for a HIV-1P24 antigen detection , the solely as a result of HIV infection diagnosis results cannot be confirmed ; tested negative for HIV-1 P24 antigen only said no reaction in the test cannot be ruled out HIV infection , clinical is generally not as a routine diagnostic project. So how to prevent?

At first, the route of transmission of HIV is very clear that through blood transmission , sexual transmission and mother to child transmission ; secondly , the AIDS virus in Vitro environment is very fragile , can easily be killed , the AIDS virus does not pass the air , food , water and so on the daily life of the general contact transmission . In addition, the HIV virus cannot survive in the body, can not to spread through mosquito bites. Therefore, the dissemination of HIV and human social behavior is mainly related, can be completely through the social behavior of people is blocked, is preventable. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable or exposed to HIV virus should do HIV test Singapore.

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