"To buy or not to buy" Is property purchase a better option than choosing to r

Posted by citynestca on July 2nd, 2021

So, you have been searching homes for sale in Oak Bay for a long time? Are you confused if you must proceed with a purchase? Buying a home is a big-time investment. This is because a home is an asset that acquires an appreciating value over time. Wish to know more? Keep reading.

Convenience is a must! - This is the most obvious factor when considering purchasing over renting a property. A home where you can do what you wish is a desirable and convenient option for homeowners. Renting means that you are answerable to another authority which can get really annoying over time.

Landlord, who? - A rent makes you a part-owner of the property where you reside. The other part of the deal is with your landlord. This is a tense affair as there may be risks of a sudden termination or case of an uninformed lease.

Owning it - Purchasing gives you complete control and authority of the property you wish to settle in. This means that you can decide your payment dates and the repairs required. There is no issue of excessive pressurization or load. You can maintain a proper maintenance checklist and follow it without any interference.

No limitations - Renting requires you to accept the decided terms and conditions. It also demands rent renewal agreements to be signed every year. The hassles of negotiating can be avoided by simply choosing to buy a house.

Paying is no deal - When you decide to rent a house, it creates a space for mandatory payments that need to be paid within specified deadlines. On the other hand, purchasing relaxes you of deadlines, and you do not need to compromise on essential parameters. Renting can cause you to settle in a place beyond expectations in order to acquire a comparatively less priced property.

Did you say tax incentives? - The fundamental difference between purchasing and renting is that the former depends on home loans, and the latter requires you to pay off your pocket instantly. Is the benefit not evident yet? Taking a loan is beneficial as it can bring in prospective tax benefits! Also, the best part about the loan is that you can pay in fractions. This also means that you are earning something on the interests compared to renting. Ask your Oak Bay real estate service to equip you with the necessary details.

Get yourself an Oak Bay real estate agent fast! Buying a property early is essential to avoid extra costs that may line up if you purchase later. Investing it right requires you to buy a property early and sell it when the market price is at its peak. Quite profitable!

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