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Posted by abigaylemark on February 3rd, 2016

As we all tend to be more environmentally aware and responsible towards the usage of our natural resources, thatched roofing seems to be a great eco-friendly solution that offers protection to homes, as well as aesthetical value.  

The main reasons why over the last two decades a lot of property owners choose thatched roofing over other modern alternatives have to do with the very appealing traditional aspect, as well as the practical and environmental qualities. It appears that the charming old English farm or cottage aspect rendered by thatched roofing is not popular only in England. Beautifully thatched dwellings have been spotted in the countryside regions of Belgium, Germany, Ireland, or Denmark.

Pending on the quality of the raw materials used, but also on the skills of the roofing thatchers, these traditional roofs can be functional for as long as 30 years. The durability of a thatched roof can vary a lot pending on the above mentioned aspects. For example, water reed is considered by specialists to be the most durable material. It also doesn’t require wire netting, as it is not susceptible to bird attacks. If properly maintained it can last for as long as 50 years. Property owners can also opt for long straw, or combed wheat straw.

Another great thing about thatched roofing is that a high level of insulation is acquired. Once a property owner invests in a thatched roof, no additional investment is required for the purpose of acquiring insulation. One thing people don’t know yet is that insulation is provided not only during winter. Thatched roofs are ideal both for cold and hot temperatures. They are built with dripping eaves, as downpipes and water gutters aren’t added. So it’s best when rainwater disposal are provided to prevent erosion. Concrete apron could do for the job, or paved surrounding.

You must also know that maintenance procedures are important and allow property owners to extend the life span of their thatched roofs. Dust, mud, or pieces of straw being dislodged from the roof can be handled by thatchers. You can either opt for a re-thatching service once in five years, or apply coating and ridging from the beginning. Master thatchers have the tools and skills to help you maintain roof in perfect condition for a long time. You can hire a team of thatchers for a complete re-thatching service, if you want to restore the initial fresh and attractive look to your roof.          

Remember that thatching is not a craft that you learn together with building and construction techniques. This is a traditional craft that was transmitted through experience, through many years of practice, as it takes some good years to perfect thatching skills. Professional thatchers can be hired for a new build thatching, for complete re-thatching, coating, ridging, patching, netting, surveying and other services. So, get online and take the time to find an experienced team of thatchers, to bring functional and esthetical features to your roof.

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