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Posted by jfab67 on February 3rd, 2016

The most priceless jewels are the ones that have been excavated from the labyrinths of history. To breathe life into them by reclaiming them and thereby redefining them is one of the rare experiences of joy and ecstasy. Vintage Native American jewelry has deep roots in the history of creativity and design as it harmoniously amalgamates streaks of traditionalism with individual artistic vision. The Fred Harvey era set in when Mr. Harvey through his Harvey House restaurants along the Santa Fe rail line promoted native Indian jewelry. Along with expanding tourism the establishments became a hotspot for art and craft, creating jewelry by the neighboring Native American tribes.

The Fred Harvey era jewelry line ironically became posthumously popular. But it is interesting to know that vintage Native American jewelry, right from its inception is often called by the name of Fred Harvey, such was his influence. The jewelry range is multitudinous attracting your attention to the wildly elegant collection of vintage bracelets, necklaces, belts and buckles, rings and earrings. These are the perfect accessories which will suit you in any theme party or can be made into a collection if you are a lover of junk jewelry. The designers always keep in mind the need and fashion of the hour, so that tradition is harmoniously synchronized with trends.

The Fred Harvey era jewelry focuses on creating new variants of style using fewer gemstones and commercial grade sheet silver, which reduces the cost and also ensures style along with longevity. The key differences lie in size and weight, with the hand-made vintage Native American jewelry of the latest designs and creations being complex but lightweight. The intricacy in design is nowadays rendered through machines and hence the scope of mass production has also increased, ensuring supply meets demand. With time and changing taste of fashion, the designers kept renovating their art, introducing new dynamics and techniques in designing.

The authentic Fred Harvey era existed between 1900 and 1955. With the closure of ancillary businesses that promoted the jewelry pieces, there was a decline in production. The antiques are now considered vintage Native American jewelry, with a rich legacy behind their elevated stature and reputation. The turquoise bracelets are the most celebrated and sought after piece of jewelry. The pieces are found in a host of colors, ranging from white to navy blue and lime green. It also changes hue as the stone is porous and soaks up elements from its surroundings, and through the process of oxidation changes color.

Apart from turquoise, the vintage Native American jewelry collection also has coral, onyx, shell, spiny oyster, opal, lapis and malachite variants of gemstones. Cluster is another such style which is poplar and never out of demand. Stones are clubbed in close patterns which may or may not be in symmetry. This is usually the signature of the native designers and you can distinguish the pattern followed by different tribes. The Fred Harvey era jewelry collection is a memorabilia reminding you of the American West and iconic figures who had introduced the world to this exotic creation of art.

The Fred Harvey era jewelry collection is a collector’s item. Innovative designs is the key behind the popularity of vintage Native American jewelry collection.

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