Exude tribal charm with Native American inlay jewelry

Posted by jfab67 on February 3rd, 2016

If the ancient charm of the tribal tradition of jewelry excites you, then you should definitely invest in some authentic tribal ornaments. The Native American inlay jewelry would be a great selection in this regard. The vintage feel of tribal jewelry is being brought to the mainstream by jewelers and tribal artists by combining them with the modernistic design traditions. The tribal charm in jewelry is best exhibited by the use of bright and colorful gems and stones in the designs that are created. Real turquoise jewelry is also part of this new movement in jewel traditions.

Inlay designs have been part of the jewel crafting tradition for a long time. It is a perfect example of the artisan’s creativity, knowledge and skills. Native American inlay jewelry showcases the amazing talent of the tribal artists who work with stones to create some exquisite designs. Inlay is a process wherein the stones are set into a design created by the artist to give it a unique finish. If it is real turquoise jewelry that you are interested in, then inlay jewelry is the best option. These pieces of art are rare and unique to the artist and therefore given the place of honor by the wearer. Inlay allows for a smooth finish that lends great opulence to the piece.

There are many different types of inlay designs and processes that the Native American inlay jewelry artists make use of to craft their signature pieces. You would find that some jewelry have the stones laid out in a pattern like that of a mosaic. The stones are cut in a manner and fitted together so that they hold the other pieces in place. The process is perfect for creating abstract designs. Then again, there is the channel inlay method. Channels are made into the design base of the jewelry and the stones are cut and set in place. You will find that most of the tribal real turquoise jewelry has this pattern of design. The myriad variety of colors that turquoise stones have to offer makes this pattern of inlay quite popular with the craftsmen.

Another popular and rather modern inlay pattern is the chip inlay. This one works pretty well for contemporary designs, wherein small chips of stones are mixed with epoxy glue and then set into channels and cavities created in the designs. Native American inlay jewelry artists have been experimenting quite a lot with this pattern, coming up with abstract designs that stand out. More than the stone, it is the design that is really distinctive in this pattern. Real turquoise jewelry too is crafted using this process.

A real turquoise jewelry collection is a must-have for those who are connoisseurs of art in jewelry. The unconventional look and texture of the turquoise stone lends it an ethnicity and tribal aspect that works really well when wrought into tribal jewelry. Native American inlay jewelry has been gaining a lot of popularity and the trend is only likely to continue its growth. So, go ahead and invest in some exuberant stone-studded jewelry pieces that are perfect for all occasions.

Buying real turquoise jewelry is much easier now. The beauty of the Native American inlay jewelry has lent tribal jewelry with a fresh avatar.

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