5 Ways to Identify if your Home has Dangerous Moulds

Posted by millermarshall22 on February 4th, 2016

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Moulds are very small, dangerous components, categorized to the family of fungi. It can flourish on every surface, mostly on fiber based substances. They can be found anywhere and can be very dangerous to the health of living organisms as well. From some research, it is assumed that some residence has indefinite moisture issues and the moulds are developed from that moisture.

To some amount, the indoor development of mould is extremely dangerous and should be eradicated instantly. If you find such mould in your residence it is better to take some awareness and sanitation to get rid of those moulds in your place.

If you are unknown about some dangerous mould appearing at your place then here are 5 ways to identify moulds:

1.      Apply some search operations

Firstly, you have to apply some search operations by checking whether there are any noticeable signs of development of mould within your place or not. Since, moulds are differentiated through its cotton like characteristics which may come out within a color like gray, white, black or green, black mould can be very harmful, make sure you have observed the signs for the growth of this type of moulds. Additionally, look for any yellow or hairy growth on fabric or anything which has been potentially shown out to the humidity.

 2.      Utilize the sense of smell

If you find some mould smell then start your search quickly. Keep in mind, if you do not notice any mould odor, then do not be happy thinking your place is free from mould and its harm rather you need to stay alert as some mould do not leave smell but might still be dangerous.

 3.      Check the basement flooding

At the time you have any basement flooding problem within the indoor then there might be great chances of having harmful moulds in your residence. Thus, you need to check the basement and make sure there is no extra mustiness and water damage. Additionally, check the water staining within the walls and ceilings. Keep in mind, the extreme number of humid is the key reason for mould growth.

 4.      Excess moisture in winter season

Winter season is symbolized by cold and rain and during this season you can identify the excess quantity of humidity. Due to this, the circumstances can bring fungal development culminating mostly in the moist parts. Thus, when you find the windows foggy throughout the winter, it is good to discover the place where additional humidity is arising from and look for the place for any mould infection.

5.      Apply some mould testing activities

Mould testing is one of the best ways to look for the dangerous moulds. Some test kits are available which is made to observe the dangerous mould which can arise with serious health issues. Most of these kits bring a reliable outcome, but you should not omit checking your place.


Wrapping Up,

These are 5 ways to detect the dangerous mould within your place. You can always apply these points and make your home safe from moulds. If you face any problem regarding moulds then you can always get help from No Germs experts.


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