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Posted by Awad Rajpoot on July 2nd, 2021


"People who need a sounding board only want the best," explains Mike Dillard, founder and president of Big Idea Mastermind. "A lot of times, entrepreneurs and business owners need someone to listen." With over 35 years experience, Dillard is the author of numerous successful books, including The Business Solution Guide to Financial Prosperity and The Real Age Business Strategy Guide. He believes in the importance of mentors and coaches. "There is nothing like having a mentor that is like you in the sense that they are successful and have achieved great things," says Dillard.


With so many people seeking mentors, coaches, and instructors, why are there so few small business coach associates? In fact, some may wonder why there are no such organizations as an offshoot of the Association of Personal Financial Advisors (AAPF's), which is often touted as a professional association for such financial experts. The reasoning behind this is the belief that such professional services must be offered by professionals, and not amateurs. And, furthermore, many believe that members of such associations must not be limited to being business professionals or attorneys. Check and see the list of top coaches,


While there are small business coaches and counselors who have an extensive background in finance, law, accounting, investing, or any other area, the vast majority of small business coaches and counselors are not licensed professionals with specialized training in areas deemed "related to the accounting and financial consulting industry." Even though many would-be coaches are attorneys or accountants themselves, these professionals have not gone through the rigors of completing their bachelor's or master's degrees or having a legal education, before entering the field of helping businesses achieve financial success. Consequently, they do not possess the knowledge necessary to be effective coaches, counselors, or even small business owners.


If you do decide to seek small business coach associates to assist you in achieving your business goals, make sure to thoroughly check out each candidate's educational background before you make any commitments. You want to be certain that the individual you will be working with has a strong grasp of the basics of personal finance, accounting, finance, investments, personal productivity, marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, sales, marketing, customer service, and other related areas. An individual who can demonstrate proficiency in these areas can be a great asset in helping you achieve your personal business goals.


There are several ways to find successful small business coach associates. Small business owners often refer to their personal contacts, colleagues, friends, and mentors as well as business forums, message boards, etc. Other potential coaching clients may be referred by well-known successful small businesses who may be willing to share their experienced mentors. Your internet search engine results may also provide a wealth of information about successful small businesses and successful coaches.


Successful small business coach associates must be able to demonstrate the ability to understand your unique personality and experiences, as well as the ability to work as a team. These are just some of the fundamental requirements of a good coach, counselor, or mentor.

Make sure you are comfortable with your prospects, because ideally, you will be working with multiple different people in several different roles within your business. If you are looking for a coach, counselor, or mentor, it is important that you are comfortable with the individuals you will be working with. Remember, there is no one better suited to help you achieve your business goals than you! Good Luck!


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