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Posted by crazygamefan on February 4th, 2016

The new technology, inventions, it is very hot, in RuneScape, someone has reached 99 inventions. To RuneScape players invention will add more fun to your gaming experience. If you need to train invention runescape gold , you can buy cheap RS Gold RSorder, to ensure you can quickly level of skill invention. A few days after the release, some changes have already been added to the new skills. Here are some new changes skill of the present invention.

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Changes in skill RuneScape invention
1 Increased use of enhanced gear 25 percent gain experience.
2 Adding Shell interface communication gizmos, that you get more positive benefits, if you have a high level of inventiveness.
3 From 200 bases to strengthen parts of the base member 45 & 50, 45 flexible parts, 45 parts stretching, 8 and 7 reinforcing members strong assembly to change the cost of afterburner.
4 30 ~ 50% reduction in the use of unique components, and accumulated experience.
5 Reducing demolition material obtained gold and coal.
6 Removing the unstrung bow reduce accumulated experience.
7 You can use the pre-order F2P F2P Skills meteorite dust again
8 Drokar and Oldak invention will not talk to you until you have completed this tutorial 2007 runescape accounts .

9 1800% increase of accumulated experience dismantling enhanced gear and syphoning.
10 50% reduction in the experience, get the material used to fill gadgets.
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