Buy Live Tadpoles kit for learning a frog?s lifecycle.

Posted by articlelink01 on February 4th, 2016

The latest things to capture the attention of young children are Live Butterfly larvae kit and other larvae kits wherein children get to buy tadpoles, caterpillars and so on, sometimes with food and sometimes without food, and slowly over time, get to see them metamorphose into adult creatures. This is not only creative, but also fun.

The idea to Buy Live Tadpoles kit is a great idea to introduce young children to the complicated and fun cycle of growth of frogs. It has been proven that children, who partake in interactive and visual studies, perform better in exams because they tend to remember what they have learned for a long period of time. Therefore, by introducing the young and fresh minded children to an interactive project like rearing live tadpoles can make them understand the cycle better and remember it during their exams.

It so happens in frogs that their eggs are externally fertilized, which means that the female frogs lay their eggs first and then they are fertilized by the males, usually in the water. Frogs tend to lay eggs in masses or clumps, whereas toads usually lay eggs in long chains.

After that, the next stage is that of the egg. Usually, after about 6-21 days on an average after being fertilized, the egg will hatch. Most tadpoles kits do not contain eggs, and you may ask why. This is because the eggs are very delicate and not all of the eggs are fertilized while in the water, and not all of the eggs develop later into tiny tadpoles.

Those eggs, which do hatch and manage to survive, give away to tiny tadpoles. When you Buy Live Tadpoles kit, they all contain alive tadpoles, not eggs, because they stand a better chance of survival. Then almost a week to 10 days after the tadpole has hatched from the egg, you can see it swimming around and feeding on algae. The tadpoles at this point develop teeny tiny teeth which help them in grating food. At this point, the children can interact with the tadpoles because they almost act like fishes and travel in schools.

After six to nine weeks after that, tiny legs start to sprout from the tadpole. The children, no doubt, will see this with avid interest. The head of the tadpole becomes more noticeable and gradually the rest of the body elongates. By now, the wild tadpole’s diet may include other items like dead insects and even plants.

Then comes the fun part of the transformation where the children can see the teeny tiny eggs they have nourished for so long become into full grown frogs. By between 12 to 16 weeks, depending on what kind of food and water supply they have, the frog completes its entire life cycle and grows into an adult. At this point, you and the kids can take the frogs into your hands, and after observing them for a few weeks, they can set them free in the wild.

This is a fun and exciting new educational way for young minds to learn about the entire life cycle of a frog for biology class or even just a recreational class. So get hold of Buy Live Tadpoles kit or Live Butterfly larvae kit now to educate your kids and help them to know the unknown.

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