What are the various skin care services that top skin clinics in Bangalore offer

Posted by Aaeesha on February 4th, 2016

The skin is most prone to infections and damages as it is constantly exposed to harmful environmental conditions. There are times in which the symptoms of many internal diseases are seen on the skin. If you are depressed or suffer from anxiety attacks, the changes in your skin can be reliable indicators. As there are so many different causes and problems that affect the skin, you should consult the best skin specialist in Bangalore for treatment. However, most of us are not sure about the different skin problems for which we can consult a skin doctor in Bangalore. 

So, we’ve made a list of the various conditions for which you can consult the best skin specialists in Bangalore. 


It is a common skin problem that usually affects teenagers. However, there are other underlying problems like stress, dandruff, or improper sebaceous gland secretion that can lead to acne. If common home remedies have no effect, then you should definitely go to a skin doctor in Bangalore to get the right treatment. Chemical peels, laser peels, and medication are the different methods used for the treatment of acne. 

Skin infections

The skin is prone to many infections caused by bacteria or fungus. These infections result in warts, marks, or damages on the skin. If you feel that you have some kind of skin infection, then you should immediately consult a skin doctor in Bangalore. The dermatologist will conduct relevant tests to identify the infection and give you the right ointments and antibiotics. 


Skin darkening is another common problem which is not to be confused with tanning. Pigmentation occurs due to improper secretion of melanin. You should consult a good dermatologist to identify the right cause of hyper or hypo pigmentation and take up the relevant treatment program. 

Tattoo Removal

There are many skin clinics in Bangalore that offer safe and reliable tattoo removal services. The dermatologist will suggest the tattoo removal method depending on the size and color of the tattoo. If the tattoo removal is not done properly or in unhygienic conditions, then you could get severe skin problems. So, even if it is a little expensive, go to the best skin specialist in Bangalore for tattoo removal. 

Stretch Marks Removal

Skin care clinics in Bangalore offer treatment programs for pregnancy stretch marks removal. The skin care specialist will suggest a treatment technique based on the type and extent of stretch marks.

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